The shower enclosure is practical. no doubt. You can visually enrich your bathroom enormously. The choice is huge. We help you with decision-making. Comparison of five-point shower enclosure and shower curtain.

1. Protection against splashing water

Shower enclosures are designed to protect the bathroom from shower water. Shower enclosures have distinct advantages over shower curtains. Because the shower enclosure is completely enclosed - the seal ensures the rest of the bathroom stays dry. Shower curtains, on the other hand, hang from a pole instead of being attached to the side. Splashes are more likely to escape from the shower curtain and must be wiped off after the shower.

2. Security

Shower enclosure safety plays an important role, especially for families with children and people with limited mobility. This is another advantage of the shower enclosure. Solid walls provide support. They provide solid support if you lose your balance or slip. Kids can play behind the sturdy shower enclosure in the tub without falling out of the tub and onto the tiles in the event of an accident.
Shower curtains, on the other hand, offer no support. Conversely, in the event of a fall, the shower curtain could tear from its bracket -- or the entire shower rod from its attachment.

3. Costs

Make no mistake: Shower curtains and fairly secure brackets are far less expensive than shower enclosures. But shower curtains also provide less safety, comfort and shower fun.
You should always have your shower enclosure installed by an experienced professional. Only experts can guarantee a precise fit to the last millimeter, reliable sealing and smooth operation of all components. This guarantees a hassle-free and long-term hassle-free shower pleasure and full comfort.

4. Comfort and showering pleasure

You probably know this: You take a shower behind a shower curtain and turn the water very high - and suddenly the shower curtain sticks to you. You attribute this uncomfortable feeling to the Bernoulli effect. Negative pressure is created behind the shower curtain, and the outside air presses the shower curtain against the body. You can reduce this physical imperfection of the shower curtain by wetting the sides of the shower curtain and pressing it against the tile -- but it's not comfortable. In a shower enclosure, on the other hand, you can enjoy the shower undisturbed - whether you just turned on the hot water or not.

5. Care

Shower curtain advocates believe that shower curtains are easy to maintain. Take it off, put it in the washing machine, hang it up again: done. In practice, it usually looks different. The connecting ring of the shower curtain and shower rod can break when removed or hung. It's also not fun to put the ring upside down in the eyelet of the shower curtain.

You don't need to remove the shower: just wipe the surface with the rubber lip - and you're done. Safety glass in the shower enclosure is often coated with innovative surface seals. Water runs off especially easily - soap residue or limescale deposits won't settle. The mold has no chance because the surface dries very quickly. This is nothing like shower curtains, which can quickly develop unsightly discoloration or mold, especially at the seams.

The shower enclosure is the clear point winner.

The advantages of the shower enclosure outweigh the disadvantages. Nevertheless, the significantly lower price can speak for a shower curtain as a temporary solution. You can find the answer at RBROHANT. There you will find bathroom experts who will be happy to show you how to use shower enclosures and bathroom accessories to bring comfort and pleasure to your bathroom.

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