The shower is probably the highlight in every bathroom, so the right shower system is part of the basic equipment of every apartment. The system usually consists of a hand or overhead shower, a fitting and a hose. The shower system should be easy to adjust in height so that it can be perfectly adjusted to each user. The size of the shower head plays an important role in terms of comfort. The finest and most extravagant highlight among the shower systems is the very popular rain shower.

In our stressful everyday life, the bathroom is the place where everyone prefers to withdraw, to be completely alone and to relax. In this context, body care does not become a ritual, but an experience. The shower head can be set in different jet types so that all needs can be met when showering.

What is the shower system?

The shower set is a complete solution for a shower cubicle. No matter which manufacturer you ultimately choose, the shower panel consists of various parts. The most important component is certainly the shower rail. With a simple system, a shower is also part of this system. Anyone who opts for a luxury shower set will be very satisfied with a rain shower and a shower thermostat.

With the shower system, it is not always an advantage to choose the cheapest shower panel. Often, great importance is attached to ensuring that the shower head does not drip and is easy to clean. In most cases, all brand manufacturers offer good quality for a low price and good features.

The different jet types when showering.

The type of jet has a great impact on comfort when showering. In the meantime, various types have been developed that can be tailored to the respective showering requirements. Popular types of water jets are explained in more detail below.

The normal jet

This feels soft and pleasant on the skin. It also has a calming effect on the skin and is most commonly used when showering.

The massage jet

As the name suggests, this jet has a calming effect. It pulsates lightly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin.

The champagne beam
Here the water is enriched with air. This creates large drops that are nevertheless pleasant on the skin. A great advantage of this jet is that it is very water-saving.

The pure jet

In contrast to the iced variants presented here, this is a single jet. This comes from the middle of the shower head and is a bit stronger than the other variants.

The types mostly depend on the respective model. In most cases, it is not easy to find the perfect model for yourself from the very extensive range. The opinion of friends or a shower set test on the Internet can be very helpful in making a decision.

3-handle shower system with bathtub spout

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