For many, the shower is a functional part of daily personal hygiene, for others it is a nice experience where body and mind find harmony and come to rest.

The pleasure of showering can quickly turn into a shower horror if you have an inferior shower head at home, from which the water does not splash out as desired. The frustration with showering can especially arise when you buy a shower head with different jet types and they do not work properly because, for example, the water pressure is too low.

Everyone has different needs. This means that some people attach great importance to the fact that the shower head must have a high pressure and for others it is important that the shower head has different jet types. For others, it is essential that shower heads have a large diameter or are simply water-saving. The variety of different shower heads is great. There are even shower heads with LED lighting so you can shower under colorful water or shower heads with built-in shower shampoo.

So you have to find out which shower head is best for your needs. Because an expensive product is not always the best for you.

What is the shower head?

It is clear to us that everyone knows a shower head - but there are significant differences when it comes to shower heads.

There is the small shower head or hand shower, which is on the wall or on a bracket of is attached to a shower system and there is the rain shower which is also often referred to as an overhead shower.

What do you have to look out for when buying a shower head?

Even if the perfect shower head looks different for everyone, due to different needs, we recommend that you pay close attention to a few criteria when buying a shower head:

Easy cleaning

The shower head should be easy to remove from limescale deposits, otherwise it can break quickly. Watch out for anti-limescale silicone nubs!

Good handling

The shower head should also be comfortable to hold and not be too heavy.


The shower head should be of good quality. Repeated tumbling down on the ground should hold this position.

Water consumption

You should also make sure that the shower head does not use too much water. Eco function can help you save money.


A good shower head should be quiet. Cheap shower heads, on the other hand, are very loud and uncomfortable in the shower.

There is a wide range of shower heads on the market. Everyone has different needs and therefore everyone attaches different importance to water pressure, types of water jets, shower head sizes, etc. Before buying a shower head, everyone should definitely be clear about what makes a really nice shower experience for me and what am I willing to pay for it.

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