Are you looking to buy a modern shower system? Is your shower head damaged, clogged, or fed up with it? Sometimes when you've been out lately and making a fair choice from the many options in-store, it takes a moment to consider the types of shower systems available so you can get the most out of your purchase.

Types of Shower Systems


A fixed shower head is a shower head that attaches to the shower arm coming out of the bulkhead. As with most shower heads, you can replace a fixed shower head by unscrewing the shower head at this point and screwing on a modern shower head. When unscrewing the shower head, be sure to hold the shower arm tightly to prevent the shower arm from breaking. Fixed showers can bring various highlights such as friction, rain, and water savings.


The handheld shower head attaches to a long hose that sits on a stand when not in your hands. Handheld shower heads can be used as fixed shower heads, but when removed from the stand, they can be used for more purposes, such as B. washing pets, washing children, and indeed washing tubs. Handheld showerheads are available in various hose lengths but must be at least 84 inches long to be ADA compliant. The longer the hose, the more helpful it is, but it can get in the way of the tub. The hose between 60 and 72 inches is ideal for general household use.

Massage or spray mode

Kneading shower heads are available in a variety of shower designs. Blow, rain, fly, drafts, and fog are fair. Not all splash designs are as striking or useful as others. I've seen shower heads with 8 interesting jet designs, small enough to claim it's a kneading shower head.


Showerheads are generally fashionable overhead, which means you want to be able to do your best under the hood. The Rain Mode shower head distributes water finely and fairly from above and is larger than the average head for a wide distribution of water. Rain shower heads work best when there is plenty of water to help the shower head water.

Body spray

You'll find body showers in some custom showers. They require an unusual type of shower valve and spray head inserted into the wall, so they are usually drained during the restroom development or remodeling phase. These can be turned on with the shower head or work autonomously. If you don't have the facilities to include these in your shower, you should plan ahead for complications at this point.


Shower rails with sliding bars are attached to the shower partition, which can be used to easily change the height of the shower head. This type of shower head works well in situations where you may need to adjust the height of the shower head to accommodate different family members. They're so handy after you have to keep a water moo at a strategic distance to keep your hair damp.

Luxurious golden shower system
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