The History of Outdoor Showers: From Ancient Origins to Modern Oasis

Did you know that there were open-air showers in ancient times? Even the Greeks and Romans had such facilities in their public baths to clean themselves before and after bathing. In ancient times, outdoor showers were a common way to cleanse and cool down.
Outdoor Shower

Cold showers in Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks created what we now know as the modern shower. These showers originally consisted of a simple hole in the wall.
Those wishing to bathe stood aside while a slave poured water from a hole. Over time, public showers with lead pipes and intricately carved shower heads became common, especially in gyms.
These showers were usually cold because, as Plato wrote, bathing in lukewarm water was considered only for the elderly. Known for their bravery, the Spartans believed that cold baths would prepare their bodies and minds for battle.
Ancient-Greece Showers

Roman hot shower

The Romans were especially known for their hot springs, public buildings with outdoor showers and hot and cold baths.
Most Roman baths were built near natural hot springs, with hot water for bathing and cold water for showers. These buildings are often luxuriously designed and decorated with mosaics and statues. Outdoor showers are generally exposed, but some are shaded by rain or sun. Bathrooms are also used for social events, where people often meet to chat and spend time together.
Roman Shower

Health Garden Shower

In ancient times, outdoor showers were often seen as a way to maintain health and personal cleanliness, not just a luxury. Even then, doctors believed that regular use of baths and showers could prevent certain diseases. Outdoor showers continued to be used for health and hygiene reasons during the 19th century, especially in ports and railway stations to provide showers for workers and travelers.
garden outdoor shower

Cowboy-era outdoor showers

In America's Wild West, outdoor showers are a common way for rural and backcountry workers to wash and cool down. Cowboys, miners and settlers who lived in these areas were often far from modern conveniences like indoor showers and had to find creative ways to clean themselves.

Showers are usually built near streams or water sources and are often simple and crude. It can be a simple garden hose or a wooden box with water holes. The user stands under the water running down the hose or box to wash.
Outdoor showers are also used in logging camps, mining towns and farms. Workers can use these shower heads to wash away dirt and sweat after a long day at work. Since there are no toilets in the houses, the settlers' wives and children are often forced to bathe outside.

Shower outside to save water

Despite its simplicity, outdoor showers are a luxury for many in these remote locations. Water is often scarce and precious, and getting enough to shower can be difficult. People who are able to use an outdoor shower are generally considered lucky. In 1767, the Englishman William Feetham patented the prototype of the hand shower. The first rain showers as we know them today were introduced by the French Armed Forces around 1860. The aim is to clean as many people as possible in a short time and at a low cost. Beginning in 1880, showers have been used in individual cells in barracks, boarding schools and prisons as an effective and space-saving cleaning option. In 1879, the Prussian army also pushed the showers across Germany. Large showers were installed in the barracks. Outdoor showers have evolved over the years to become more luxurious and comfortable, with more modern materials such as plastic and metal.

Install outdoor shower at home

In the 1960s and 1970s, outdoor showers were installed in the garden for private use, to cleanse the body after spending time at the pool or beach, or to cool off on a hot summer day.Garden-Shower

Stainless steel has quickly become the material of choice for gardens, swimming pools and saunas. Durable, environmentally friendly and very resistant to harsh weather, chlorine and salty air. The purchase price is definitely higher than the plastic shower.

Today, outdoor showers come in various styles and sizes to suit all needs and budgets and have become a popular addition to gardens and backyards for both practical and aesthetic reasons.
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