In bathroom decoration, the choice of the drain can effectively determine the drainage speed of the bathroom, so do you know the linear shower drain? Is the linear shower drain easy to use? What are the features?

The rectangular shower drain is also a linear shower drain. The linear shower drain is a long strip floor drain. As an important part of the drainage system in the residence, the linear floor drain can not only effectively control the peculiar smell in the bathroom, but also take into account space expansion and safety.

Features of Linear Shower Drain:

1. Quick row. Due to the large water passing rate of the panel and the large water capacity of the bottom tank, the linear shower drain has a long strip shape as a whole, and the drainage outlet can be added according to the demand, and the drainage performance is strong. Generally speaking, the linear shower drain with an anti-odor effect will have a relatively slow drainage speed, but other measures can be used to increase its drainage speed.

2. Hygienic. Many hostesses have trouble with hair loss, and linear shower drains are generally equipped with hair-blocking nets, and a floor drain grille cover is added on the surface to achieve double interception protection and effectively filter hair and other sundries. The deodorant parts of linear shower drains generally adopt V-shaped silicone deodorant parts or T-shaped metal deodorant parts. The V-shaped silicone deodorant adopts the principle of electrostatic adsorption. When there is water, it opens and discharges directly into the water. When there is no water, it automatically closes to form a small water seal for secondary sealing. The T-shaped metal deodorant automatically springs open when there is water impact, and automatically closes when there is no water. Both can achieve the effect of anti-insect, anti-odor and anti-backflow.

3. Easy to clean. The high-quality linear shower drains are forged with SUS304 stainless steel so that they linear shower drains have the functions of rust resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. After layers of processing, even if the linear shower drain is used for a long time, it will not fade, rust, or blacken. The parts can be easily disassembled, and it is very convenient to clean. It can be disassembled by hand without tools, which is very close to our life.

4. Aesthetics. The linear shower drain can be customized in length and shape according to different environmental needs, and it can also effectively improve the flatness of the ground and increase the practical value of the space.

5. Security. The linear shower drain subverts the height difference design of the traditional shower drain in the drainage area. It can be installed horizontally and firmly on the ground, which is conducive to the safety of children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

6. Convenience. The long strip design of the linear shower drain requires only one or both sides of the tile to be tilted during installation, which is convenient for tile laying, shortens the working hours and saves labor costs.

How to choose the correct linear shower drain?

1. The anti-odor effect of the floor drain depends on the seal. The linear shower drain with a good sealing effect can play a good anti-odor effect under any circumstances. There are several ways to seal the drain. You can choose according to the installation location of the linear shower drain.

2. The displacement of the linear shower drain should be large enough. Even if there is no one at home and the water pipe bursts, the linear shower drain can quickly drain the water. The discharge volume of the floor drain can be seen in the manual. You can choose a floor drain with suitable displacement according to the installation location and the size of the floor drain outlet.

3. When choosing a linear floor drain, it depends on whether the filter function of the floor drain is good. If the filter function is not good, it is easy to cause clothes to be blocked, and it is very troublesome to clean. The optimum pore size of the filter mesh is between 5-8 mm, which can effectively prevent foreign matter from falling into the sewer pipe.

4. Choose the floor drain according to the place of use, such as a shower room. The shower room has higher requirements on the drainage volume because the amount of flushing water here is the largest. If the floor drain cannot drain quickly, there will be water accumulation.

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