At present, the bathroom accessories on the market mainly include copper alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, glass, plastic, etc. Among them, the quality of copper alloy bathroom accessories is the best, and the quality of plastic bathroom accessories is relatively poor. Copper alloy is currently the best bathroom hardware set material, but due to its good material and high level of craftsmanship, the price is also higher than other materials. Aluminum alloy bathroom hardware sets and stainless steel bathroom hardware sets are more common, and many consumers will be entangled between these two materials. So is the bathroom hardware set aluminum alloy or stainless steel better?

How to choose a bathroom hardware set?

1. Bathroom hardware set is a common accessory in bathroom space. When choosing, pay attention to the overall style of the three-piece bathroom, namely the bathtub, toilet and washbasin.

2. Plating of bathroom hardware set. Usually, bathroom hardware sets are chrome-plated and polished. In chrome-plated products, the coating thickness of ordinary products is 20 microns. Over time, the material inside is easily oxidized by air, and the craftsmanship of the copper chrome plating is as thick as 28 microns. Its structure is dense, the coating is uniform, and the use effect is good; the good coating is fine and bright, and the treatment is very smooth and wear-resistant; while the inferior coating has a dull luster, and the surface is undulating when carefully observed.

3. Practicality should also be considered when purchasing bathroom hardware sets. Bathroom accessories also include towel racks, cup racks, bath towel racks, paper towel racks, racks and other product forms. The performance requirements of bathroom accessories also vary depending on the different items placed on them.

Stainless steel bathroom hardware set

Stainless steel is a material resistant to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, and water. It has good rust resistance and high hardness. From this point of view, it is more suitable for bathrooms with a lot of water. However, stainless steel is difficult to weld. The metal processing performance is relatively poor, so the process is relatively simple, and the product style is relatively simple. In addition, the surface of the bathroom hardware set will be electroplated and polished. The density of stainless steel is high, and the coating cannot be perfectly combined, but if it is only polished, even if it is bright at the time, after a period of use, spots will appear due to oxidation.

Aluminum alloy bathroom hardware set

One of the more popular ones is the affordable and high-quality aluminum bathroom hardware set. Aluminum alloy is an aluminum product with high strength and anti-corrosion properties. The surface is generally oxidized or brushed and cannot be electroplated. The biggest problem with light and matte products is that they are difficult to clean. One of the more prominent problems of aluminum alloy products is that the weight is very light, but the bending resistance is poor. If used as a pendant, it is easy to deform after a period of use. The bathroom hardware set of this material is more suitable for placing some lighter items.

The bathroom hardware set is aluminum alloy or stainless steel better? The above is the performance introduction of the two materials for reference. Buyers can choose according to their usage.

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