There are two options when shopping for a kitchen or bathroom faucet: a single-handle faucet and a double-handle faucet. Both have the same function - they control the flow of water. Both have some pros and cons, and below we summarize the pros and cons of single and dual handle faucets.

Advantages of a single-handle faucets

A single faucet is more user-friendly than two. Installation is simple and only requires drilling a hole. They are a common choice for older adults because they can turn to the sick or those with arthritis with little or no effort.

The biggest advantage of a single-lever faucet is that it can be opened with the elbow or wrist. This comes in handy when your hands get dirty from cooking or cleaning.

Finally, these faucets are a great option for small sinks because they don't take up much space.

Disadvantages of single-handle faucets

The main disadvantage of a single-lever faucet is that both valves must be closed when a leak starts. Additionally, some homeowners have difficulty setting the desired water temperature. If the handle is too far to one side, the water will quickly become too hot, making this faucet dangerous for children.

Advantages of 2-handle faucets

Double handle faucets add glamour to any home. They look stylish and timeless. There are black or gold knobs to instantly enhance the decor.

Another advantage of these faucets is that they provide better water temperature and flow control. Also, if there is a leak problem, the homeowner can still have water. You have to close one valve, but the other valve will work perfectly fine. Even with a broken handle, the faucet isn't completely useless.

Disadvantages of 2-handle faucets

Installing a double-handle faucet is not easy. Compared to single-lever faucets, two-lever faucets require two holes in the countertop. That means more holes and more dirt to clean. It also consists of more parts than a single-lever mixer. If one of them breaks, it can be difficult to pinpoint and fix the exact problem.

Finally, as you can see, both types of faucets have unique characteristics. While single-lever faucets are better for people with arthritis, it's nearly impossible to accidentally turn on extremely hot water with a two-handle faucet. In the end, it's a matter of preference. A faucet should match the style of the room and be functional at the same time. So explore all the options to find one that looks great in your kitchen or bathroom.

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