Replacing leaky or outdated bathroom faucets isn't as difficult as you think. You can use some common tools to complete the disassembly of the bathroom faucet. Usually no more than an hour. If a new bathroom faucet is installed on a new sink, the same steps apply.

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Process of disassembling a bathroom faucet.

-Disconnect the hot and cold water supply from the bathroom tap.

-Loosen the fastening nut under the sink holding the bath faucet. You may need a wrench or sink wrench, especially if the nut is difficult to get to.

-Immediately wipe off any water that drips on the bottom of the sink to prevent damage or deformation.

-After removing the water supply line, nuts and washers, the faucet is loose. Hold the faucet with both hands, and then pull it straight out of the mounting hole. If there is a gasket, remove the gasket and set it aside with the faucet.

-Pull up on the old faucet assembly from the top until it is washed. The base can stick to the sink. So hold it with both hands.

-Scrub the tap hole. Use a sponge or soft sanding pad to scrub the mounting holes around the sink that the faucet is in. Use soap and water or your favorite detergent. After cleaning, rinse the area, pat dry, and air dry completely.

-To remove old sealant or silicone, dampen a sponge or rag with mineral oil and wipe it clean. Then rinse the area with clean water and pat dry.

Steps to install a bathroom faucet.

-Take the new faucet out of the packaging.

-Place rubber or plastic washers (or the washers provided) so they will fit between the faucet and the top of the flush hole. Seals are rubber or plastic pieces placed between the faucet and sink to ensure a proper seal and prevent leakage. Install the gasket on the bottom of the faucet so that the hole in the gasket lines up with the exhaust pipe and valve on the faucet.

-Plastic washers usually get stuck on the faucet. So make sure they are properly placed so that the faucet is tightly closed.

-If your faucet doesn't come with a gasket, you will need to apply sealant or plumber's filler prior to installing the faucet. Before inserting the faucet, follow the manufacturer's instructions and apply a thin layer of sealant or putty.

-Hold the faucet with both hands and carefully insert it into the mounting hole. Fit the exhaust pipe and valve to the appropriate holes and put them on the faucet.

-Seal the edges with thin sealant. The plumber's tape is used to lubricate fittings and for a better seal between components. Wrap a layer of plumber's tape around the end of the faucet tailpipe to make sure the tape does not stick out past the end of the pipe.

-Place the washer on the mounting nut. Connect it by hand first, then tighten firmly with a wrench or pliers.

-Connect the lift rod to the drain end pipe. To hold the cue in place, screw the metal nut onto the drain end pipe, but keep it loose enough for the ball to move smoothly.

-Connect the hot and cold water supply lines. First, connect the hose to the faucet. Connect each hose to the faucet's exhaust pipe and hand tightens the nut. To finish tightening the nuts, use a cymbal wrench to turn each nut a quarter-turn (clockwise) to the right.

-Turn on the water and test the faucet. After connecting and tightening all components, turn the shut-off valve to the left (counterclockwise) to open the water again. Then turn on the faucet and rinse out the new faucet. If water is lost, check for leaks and drips.

-This is a common replacement process for bathroom faucet changes. However, the installation of faucets of different brands may be different. However, when we buy a brand of faucets, detailed installation instructions are included on the packing list. You can easily replace the bath faucet by following the steps in the manual. If you are concerned about the faucet being damaged due to incorrect operation, you should ask a professional plumber to install it.

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