You will see a variety of shower faucets. There are three basic types of these faucets: the one-hand device can control the water flow and temperature through a controller, the two-hand device can control hot and cold water independently, the handle of the three-hand device can control hot water, cool it down and then remove the water, the bathtub faucet has been turned on transferred to the shower head. If you want to replace an old shower faucet, the easiest way is to choose a new faucet in the same style as the existing unit.

Steps to replace the shower faucet.

1. Switch off the water supply to the house at the water meter or the main shut-off valve.

2. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver between an old faucet handle and the decorative cover on the end of the handle and eject the decorative cover. Repeat this process for other faucet handles.

3. Insert a Phillips screwdriver into the screw in the faucet handle. While holding the handle with one hand, turn the screw counterclockwise to remove the screw and loosen the handle. Pull the handle off the faucet base. Remove the other faucet handles in the same way.

4. Slide a flat-blade screwdriver behind the edge of one of the covers (which covers the hole in the wall behind the base of the handle) and carefully pry the cover away from the wall. Remove other hole covers in a similar manner.

5. Find a fastening nut on the faucet column in the hole covered by the locking hole. Loosen and remove the nut with an adjustable wrench. Then, grasp the tip of the faucet handle bracket with pliers and pull the faucet column straight out of the pipe on the wall.

6. Insert the new faucet column in the new faucet kit in the same place on the wall. Secure the post by screwing the new retaining nut onto the post and tightening it with an adjustable wrench. Then delete and then replace the remaining posts in a similar manner.

7. Install a new keyhole cover on the faucet column and then install a new handle. Using a Phillips screwdriver, tighten the handle with the handle mounting screws, and then place the new decorative cover on the handle.

8. Open the water shut-off valve and test the operation of the new shower faucet.

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