The shower system of the future? Relaxing, pampering & exotic! With the rainforest shower and rain shower, you can bring the waterfall experience into your private bathroom and recover from everyday stress under the warm trickling of tropical summer rain. RBROHANT tells you which variants of the rain shower there are, and which manufacturers are currently setting trends.

Rain shower - what is that?

The rainforest shower is a relatively high-installed shower system that imitates a tropical summer rain. Depending on the model, the rain shower feeling is achieved with a shower column with a swiveling head or installed permanently in the ceiling and combined with fixed side showers or a hand shower, which further refine the showering experience.

Rain shower systems are usually made of plastic or metal (e.g. chrome) and can also be equipped with LED lighting, which intensifies the exotic touch of the rainforest shower.

How does a rain shower work?

In contrast to conventional shower systems, the water in the rainforest shower only flows under low pressure, which gives the impression of gentle summer rain on the skin. In addition, the showerhead is larger than the conventional overhead shower, which means that every square centimeter of your body is pampered by the gentle rain shower.

Ideally, the installation should be carried out as part of a bathroom renovation: Modern bathrooms thrive on freedom, minimalism and high-quality materials. For the best shower experience, the rain shower should be wall-free. In this way, it blends harmoniously into the room and makes your bathroom appear larger overall.

Rain shower - how high does it have to be installed?

For the best “rain feeling”, the distance between the showerhead (overhead shower) and the crown of your head should be around 20 to 30 cm. That means: If you are around 1.70 cm tall, then the rainforest shower should be installed at a height of around two meters. But beware! If the distance between you and the overhead shower is TOO big, the water will cool down too much on the way down.

Rainshower from RBROHANT - for all luxury-lovers

The manufacturer Rbrohant has made the tropical waterfall the model for its Rainshower Series. This luxury of the shower system with its elegant but unobtrusive design in chrome, whose individual elements blend seamlessly into the bathroom architecture. The ceiling shower ensures a relaxing "rainfall" from above, while the individually adjustable side showers offer to massage support as needed. Of course, so much luxury has its price. Rbrohant products are in the upper-cost range.

Rain shower: jet types of a rain shower

The jet types are an important criterion when selecting the rain shower. For those who "only" want rain, an appropriate overhead shower is usually perfectly adequate. However, manufacturers such as Rbrohant also have items on offer that allow you to switch between several jet types. Many of these products are also able to transform your bathroom into an atmospheric spa with LED lighting. The latter models are usually complete shower systems including panel and thermostat.

Retrofitting a rainforest shower - is that possible?

The good news first: If you only have a small budget available, you can easily swap out the normal shower head for a rainforest shower head. With a little skill, the conventional fitting can also be replaced by a rain shower fitting including a bar and hand or overhead shower. However, for the full waterfall feeling with numerous wellness effects and water falling from above, you need a corresponding panel including a thermostat.

Which variant can be implemented in which bathroom depends, among other things, on the local conditions. In addition to the available space and, if applicable, the building fabric of your ceilings and walls, you should also take into account the water pressure that is available in your house/apartment. You should also clarify in advance whether the new system or panel works with a flow heater.

What do I need to retrofit my shower system?

Depending on the type of retrofit you choose, you can continue to use your old shower fitting. Otherwise, the retrofitting of the rain shower begins with the dismantling of the previous system. Depending on the model you choose, you will need the following tools to install your new rainforest shower:

Tarpaulin/old blanket to cover the shower cubicle
pen for marking
Drill, hammer, screwdriver
Allen key, open-end wrench
folding rule
Silicone plus cartridge
masking tape
Is the professional use worth it?
Of course, you don't need a plumber for the mini luxury of a new shower head with a rain shower effect. Even the replacement of a complete fitting should not be a problem for experienced do-it-yourselfers. The situation is different, however, if you opt for a shower system with a panel and overhead shower or for the luxury version from Rbrohant. Especially if the new rain shower is installed in addition to your smart home, you should leave this work to a professional installer.

Attention: If you install the rainforest shower yourself and you make a mistake, any consequential damage will not be covered by your insurance! Overall, it is often better advised to let the professional lend a hand.

Full Body Rain Shower System with 4 Body Shower Jets
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