As with any brand of faucet, the working parts contained in the Rbrohant shower valve degrade over time. Rbrohant's Pressure Equalizing Shower Valve is carefully designed to sense and balance the pressure of hot and cold water, preventing the shower from bursting hot or cold water. When the shower valve starts leaking or cannot properly balance the hot and cold water, it is usually easy to replace the cartridge.

How to judge whether the shower valve is damaged?

If you turn the shower on with the handle, will it be polished? Is it not spinning at all? What about hot water? Is the water dripping and not flowing out? Or is it not the right mix of hot and cold? Perhaps you did not get any hot water or no water at all. It seemed that the water suddenly stopped. This means your shower valve is not good.

Shower valves are one of the four types of valves you can find in faucets. They are particularly suitable for shower faucets. The hole in the cartridge can adjust the water flow and temperature. As you turn the handle, it can provide more precise control than other types of faucets. One of the great things about cartridges is that they can be easily replaced if mineral build-up and corrosion don't get in the way of your job.

Please follow the suggestions below, it is easy to replace the filter element of the thermostatic shower. If there is no problem, please do some tests before replacing the ink cartridges. Let's learn how to replace the filter element on a thermostatic shower.

A common problem for thermostatic shower users is that after fully enjoying all of the wonders of the thermostatic shower, they notice the thermostat performance deteriorate. Rbrohant recommends always buying a certified thermostatic tap with a factory warranty. However, if you can get yourself into this problem, now is the time to learn how to change the cartridge on a thermostatic shower or bathtub to save time, time, and money.

Sometimes this is a family livelihood problem. However, if your thermostatic tap is working properly and suddenly stops heating the water you used before, a few ideas may help:

Check the hot water pressure in a cold place. If all of the hot water faucets have low pressure, it may be a general problem and not caused by a specific faucet. If the handle does not move or is stuck, limescale can be the cause, and removing the ink cartridge can correct it.

Here are the following detailed step-by-step instructions on how to replace the thermostat cartridge:

-Disassemble parts. Amateurs can install smart thermostat taps. The ink cartridge is manufactured as a single part and can be removed by loosening the screw under the right handle.
-That hat. The thermostat tap has a black cover to hide the thermostat. To find it, remove the trim and peel off the back cover.
-After we have removed the trim we can use the black hat. Press down on the handle and remove the black protective plastic seal.
-When dismantling for cleaning or dismantling, please assemble in reverse order.
-The thermostatic ink cartridge can be turned back to the tap without adjustment.
-Adjust the pressure by aligning the two white lines in each nib.
-Cover the ink cartridge with the rest of the part and hold the ink cartridge when the base is reconnected.
-Tighten the cover with screws.
-Cover the faucet handle with decorations.
-Check that the water flow is correct and ready.

Shower Valve Body

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