What Are the Advantages of a Thermostatic Shower System?

There are several types of shower systems in the market. The most common categories are mainly thermostatic shower systems and non-thermostatic shower systems. Among these, thermostatic shower sets are more common and popular. This article introduces the thermostatic shower system in detail.
Thermostatic Shower System

What is a thermostatic shower system?

The thermostatic shower set consists of a unique structure with two integrated controls. Usually, the controller on the left is responsible for controlling the water flow, while the controller on the right is responsible for regulating the temperature. When installing the Homelody shower system, it is the hot water inlet pipe on the left and the cold water inlet pipe on the right. It must be installed correctly, otherwise, the thermostat function will not work.

In contrast to conventional single-hand showers, thermostatic showers allow a constant flow of water and a constant shower temperature. Also, we can now find them that can be used in bathtubs and shower trays which are becoming more common.

As soon as the shower faucet is switched off again, the temperature does not return to the original temperature, but now a very hot jet of water flows out of the shower and burns us down. This situation can involve risks when dealing with children or the elderly. Thermostatic showers therefore not only offer us comfort but also more safety.

How does the shower system work?

The operation of the thermostatic shower set is very simple and intuitive. As we said earlier, they have two different controls. One is for flow and the other is for temperature. To adjust them we just have to rotate them modally until they are placed in the required parameters.

Although we do not change the selected position, the amount of water from the faucet and the temperature of the faucet will remain constant. With a thermostatic shower, you can bathe without interruption. The technological advances that serve us have brought us the most benefit.

What are the benefits of thermostatic shower systems?

Now that we know how the thermostatic shower faucet works, we can better understand all of the benefits. Below are the main advantages of the Rbrohant thermostatic shower system.

1. Modern and elegant design.

In addition to the advantages in operation, the Rbrohant thermostatic shower faucet also has the most advanced design. Modern and new, yet elegant. In short, a solution can not only guarantee our maximum comfort but also integrate the aesthetics perfectly into our bathroom.

2. Better safety and avoid burns.

One of the main benefits of being able to choose a temperature and incorporate a safety stop is to reduce the risk of burns. Temperatures above 38 ° C are too high for our skin, especially for more sensitive people such as children and the elderly.

On the other hand, the thermostatic shower faucet is prepared in such a way that the flow of hot water is automatically cut off when the cold water is cut off. We found this when we turned on the faucet in the shower. It is also a control system to avoid possible burns.

3. Save water.

Saving water is not just an important issue of billing value these days. The state of the planet forces us to avoid unnecessary waste and the use of thermostatic shower faucets can achieve this goal.

By combining a high-precision flow regulator, we can control the amount of water in the jet. With this system, 40% to 50% of water can be saved. Differences will be noted at the end of the month. Since we can set the temperature from the start, we don't waste water waiting for it to warm up.

4. High quality, better durability.

The thermostatic shower faucet is made of the highest quality materials, so its lifespan will increase over time. In addition to this function, they are also waterproof. That is, they prevent lime from entering them, which is the main cause of the deterioration of the faucet. Therefore, the maintenance of the faucet is very easy.

5. The shower experience is more comfortable.

Another advantage of thermostatic shower faucets is that they can enjoy a constant temperature. Usually, when we turn off the faucet with soap, we have to reset the faucet when we open the faucet again, and then wait for it to reach the desired faucet. However, with thermostatic systems, the temperature remains constant every time the faucet is turned on or off.

By this point, you have fully understood the principle of operation and the benefits of the thermostatic shower system. Does your shower suite have a thermostat? If not, I suggest you switch to a thermostatic shower system. It is one of the best guarantees for the safety of your elderly and children. The Rbrohant shower system is your good choice, high quality, low price, free shipping, and lifetime warranty.

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