How to Replace a Shower Cartridge?

The shower is an important part of the bathroom space. Long-term use will lead to damage to the shower cartridge, and in many cases, such small parts do not need to be repaired by a repairman. The replacement of the shower cartridge is actually very simple. So how to replace the cartridge?

The shower cartridge is broken, we first have to buy the same model to replace it. After buying the cartridge, prepare a slotted screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver, or an inner hexagonal wrench, which should be selected according to the screw of your own shower. Then prepare a pair of sharp-nosed pliers and a knife.
Shower Valve

Before changing the cartridge, find the water switch off the faucet, and turn it off to avoid spraying water when changing. Then find the plastic cap and gently pry it off with a small blade so that you can see the screws inside. After opening the hot and cold button, see what the shape of the screw is, whether it is a slotted screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver, and then decide which screwdriver or inner hexagonal wrench to use. Remove the screw from the hole with a screwdriver, and then the handle of the shower faucet can be removed.

After removing the handle, you can see the shower cartridge inside, and some cartridges have a fixed shell cover on the outside. Just remove the lid. Then you can see the card that holds the cartridge. There are usually four claws on the card. Hold the two claws on both sides of the sharp-nosed pliers, and then rotate clockwise to remove the card. After removing the card, you can remove the broken cartridge, and then install the new cartridge, reverse the previous steps, reinstall the other components, install the sprinkler handle, punch the water source valve, and try to see if it is leaking. If there is no problem, lock the handle and install the hot and cold water plastic cap.

A good shower can improve the quality of the bathroom and make you fall in love with taking a bath.

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