The wall mounted faucet is a little more complicated than the basin faucet and it is more complicated to install. Unlike the faucets that sit on the counter or that are installed on the sink, these faucets need to be installed as early as possible in the construction process and the wall should still be exposed. Installing more traditional installations is one of the final modifications to the project.

While it's easy to add traditional faucets directly to the pre-drilled holes that come with the counter or sink where you want them to be placed, wall-mounted faucets need a "free" style. In short, this assumes that everything needed for the installation (faucets, water pipes, sinks, drywall, tiles for tailgates, etc.) is ready to give the most accurate estimate. All of the factors that can affect the way the faucet is placed relative to the basin must be taken into account, which makes the process more tedious.

In the worst-case scenario, you may even have to adjust or move the wall nails. The wall-mounted faucet must be installed between two wall-mounted studs and properly oriented for installation. You also need to consider the height (again, the bracket needs to be installed before testing the faucet) and length.

Wall fittings usually take longer to align properly. The importance of splash also needs to be considered. Unlike built-in faucets that drain through pre-drilled holes in the drain, bathroom wall-mounted faucets must be carefully balanced to ensure the proper height, depth, and orientation. Isolation is another factor to consider. If you live in a colder climate, the pipe will be more exposed to this element because the pipe is inside the wall. This makes it easier to freeze in the cold wind and can lead to expensive and unnecessary bills in the future.

These are important topics that need attention, but as we discussed earlier, there are many benefits to mounting the faucet on the wall as well. Clean, streamlined surfaces, the ability to save space on the sink and countertop, the flexibility to switch between different components or the choice of whimsical or even freestanding sinks are good reasons to choose such an accessory.

Wall Mount Faucet Brushed Gold
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