What are the materials of the shower?

1. Copper.

Usually, shower systems material are made of copper, pure copper is better because copper is less likely to rust than steel and other metals. The outer surface of the shower head is good after many times of electroplating treatments so that the shower faucet is durable.

2. Stainless steel.

 "Do not rust" is the biggest advantage of stainless steel, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, not easy to rust, and the price is cheaper than copper. The disadvantage is that the attribute of stainless steel is not as soft as copper, the processing is more difficult, and the style produced is relatively simple. The workmanship of stainless steel technology is less mature than that of ABS.

3. Aluminum alloy.

 Aluminum alloy is also used with aluminum-magnesium alloy, the advantage of alloy material is that it is not afraid of wear, is lightweight and durable, but it may turn black after a long time of use.

Thermostatic Shower Faucet Matte Black

How to choose shower systems?

1. Whether to save water.

 As we become more aware of the challenges posed by climate change and strive to live in a more sustainable way, saving water has become a top priority for many of us.
The shower system is measured by flow (liters provided per minute). The latest and most advanced water-saving technologies can limit the amount of water flowing through the shower and minimize the amount of water released.
RBROHANT's low-flow hand-held showers are designed to reduce water consumption and halve water flow without affecting the comfort of the shower.

2. Look at the shower head?

 Be sure to see whether the shower head is easy to clean if it is not easy to clean the sprinkler, the water will be blocked. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a shower head that is easy to clean.

There are mainly three kinds of shower materials, when we choose a shower, we should not only look at whether the shower is energy-saving and water-saving but also look at the shower head and choose a good shower, so as not to cause trouble to our lives.

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