1. Sensor faucet is water saving

The induction faucet not only has a small amount of water but also has a high sales price and high maintenance costs. Using sensor faucets at home is impractical. Sensor faucet is not the best choice for home installations, but in some public places, such as public restrooms, business center restrooms, etc., the sensible faucets are perfect. This can not only improve the style of the business center but also save more water.

2. The smaller the faucet flow, the more save water

We know that the faucet has a water-saving standard, and too large or too small a water flow rate is not conducive to water saving. Sometimes the flow rate of the faucet is too low, the faucet valve may have problems, or the slag is clogged. It should be cleaned or replaced in time. If you want a water-saving bathroom or kitchen faucet, Rbrohant is probably your choice.

3. The faucet can save water in any situation

An aerator is installed on the nozzle of the modern faucet. The function of the aerator is to increase the number of bubbles in the water and decrease the amount of water. However, the starting device reduces the influence of water flow and requires a large amount of water, which is not conducive to water saving. However, this does not cause water wastage. There is a specific water pressure requirement. If the water pressure is too low, the flushing effect may not be achieved.

4. The faucet has a hot and cold temperature regulating faucet

The traditional hot and cold water faucet separates cold water from hot water, which means two handles and two water outlets are required. All hot and cold water taps must be connected to the water mains with angle valves. Two matching angle valves are required for each hot and cold faucet. The modern hot and cold faucet is a combination of two water pipes and handles in different directions to control hot and cold water. The hot and cold temperature adjustment function must be equipped with two inlet and outlet hoses and a ceramic coil.

5. Choose the faucet without considering the basin

After installing the top sink, many consumers did not notice that the basin was high and the faucet needed to be installed on the basin. The actual situation of the pool must be considered when purchasing. Buying a faucet depends on the height of your sink, otherwise, it may not be suitable for your sink. If you don't install it on the sink, you don't have to worry about it.

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