Each commodity has its own value, and the value of the commodity is reflected in its own attributes and characteristics. The value of the faucet is discussed here. The value of a good faucet is mainly determined by the following six factors.

1. Appearance of the faucet body

The exterior finish of the Rbrohant faucet is usually chrome plated. The product coating meets the specified process requirements and after a salt spray test period, no corrosion occurs within the specified time period. With sufficient light, the product can be held in the hand for viewing in a straight line. The surface of the faucet should be a black mirror surface without oxidized spots or burn marks, and there are almost no pores, no bubbles, no leakage, no uniform color, no burr and sand by hand, pressing the surface of the faucet with your fingers, the Fingerprint spreads quickly, not easy to stick.

2. Faucet handle

If you want to determine whether a faucet is a high-quality product, gently rotate the handle to determine whether it is light, flexible and has no obstacles. Check the different parts of the faucet, especially when the main parts are firmly assembled. If everything is perfectly connected, the faucet you have bought will be of high quality.

3. Manufacture of faucet materials

The major components of the faucet are usually cast, ground, turned, pickled and impregnated, pressure tested, polished and plated. The handle, ornamental nut and three-way bathtub faucet switching valve are mainly made of brass, zinc alloy, ABS plastic, the surface plating is made of copper, stainless steel, plastic, brass is used to connect the nut and eccentric joint outlet nozzles, the quality of the brass plating is guaranteed best and the corrosion resistance is longer. The higher the purity of the brass, the better the plating quality and the less corrosion of the surface plating. Zinc alloy plating has poor quality and poor corrosion resistance, while ABS plastic is the cheapest and the plating quality is poor. It can be identified by methods such as weight estimation, light surface scratches, and surface coating quality. Brass is heavier and harder, zinc is lighter and softer, and plastic is the lightest and softest. However, parts that come into direct contact with drinking water are not allowed to use zinc alloy materials.

4. Cartridge

The cartridge is the core of the faucet, and the ceramic cartridge is the best cartridge currently available. The high-quality fittings from Rbrohant all consist of ceramic valve inserts and are characterized by high wear resistance and good sealing performance. Normally it can be used more than 500,000 times. Inferior products are mostly made of gaskets such as copper and rubber and have a short lifespan. But the price is low. For this reason, I recommend you to buy the Rbrohant faucet. The oil pan of our faucet is made of ceramic to ensure service life.

5. Faucet surface

When buying faucets, pay attention to the luster of the surface, no burrs when hands touch, no pores, no oxidation spots, etc. The body of a high-quality Rbrohant faucet is commonly made of brass. After the shaping and the surface to be plated with acid copper, nickel and chromium polishing (three-layer electroplating), ordinary products usually only nickel and chromium (double-plating). Conventional product coatings have specific technical requirements and pass a neutral salt spray test without rusting over a period of time. Therefore, the high-quality faucet product has a strict structure, uniform coating, smooth and delicate color, and can maintain new brightness.

6. Function

One of the most direct factors in the value of the faucet is how the faucet is used. Rbroahnt faucets come in a variety of designs and functions. It is commonly used in bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, bathtubs, showers and bidets. According to this function, there are usually ordinary, inductive, constant temperature, and the like. For example, the induction faucet has the function of automatically sensing water, and the water is discharged from the water outlet of the faucet, which is convenient, hygienic, and more suitable for public (high-grade) bathrooms.

Now that you know the six main factors that determine the value of the faucet, you can go to the Rbrohant store to buy a quality faucet based on these factors. In addition to the faucet, we also offer a high-quality shower system that meets the style requirements of modern bathrooms.

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