Wall mount faucets offer modern, complex solutions for your sanitary requirements and are the ideal solution in many kitchen and bathroom scenarios. offer modern, complex solutions for your sanitary requirements and are the ideal solution in many kitchen and bathroom scenarios. Whether you're looking for a smooth, seamless finish, the ideal space-saving tool, or just something else, all of your interior design needs can be met. Wall fittings have many advantages:

Save space.

If you work in confined spaces, wall-mounted faucets can prove to be an ideal solution. It does not require a large bench area and is therefore ideal for tight spaces and sinks without additional space.

It also allows the sink itself to be a function without compromising space or being installed in the faucet. This method is therefore very effective, as no additional sinks are required at all: Free-standing container sinks can be placed under the tap without taking up additional space.

This also has the added benefit of making the room feel larger as a focus is separated from the rest of the pool. The ideal solution for smaller, tighter rooms and the ideal opportunity to make optimal use of the wall space. They also allow you to get the most out of shallow water tanks without wasting valuable space.

Add simplicity.

Wall-mounted faucets are ideal when you're creating a zen spa-like environment in the bathroom or just looking for a more minimalist and minimalist décor in the kitchen. It's just near the wall so the sink can talk and no residue or debris can build up behind the sink.

This results in a seamless and neat surface that creates space and makes optimal use of the space available in the room. If you're looking for equipment and accessories that blend rather than stand out, this is the ideal solution to your plumbing problem.

Allow more flexibility.

Mounting the faucet on the wall instead of the sink also gives you more freedom and flexibility in designing. As mentioned earlier, you are not limited to fixing the sink in a fixed predetermined position.

There are also options for storing antiques or other professional sinks. There are no holes to be drilled to fit in the faucet. All you have to do is leave the sink as it is and mount the faucet on the wall to get the best of both worlds.

There are many benefits to adding a wall faucet to your space. It creates space and offers design and decoration flexibility that can completely transform your kitchen or bathroom area. In addition, you can also choose from a variety of faucets to add the ideal finishing touch to your living space so that you get the ideal style and creativity!

What to look out for?

1. Flush installation of the faucet does not require many accessories to be attached to the wall, but usually cannot be replaced after the accessories are installed. Hence, it is best to select some high-quality products that require this type of product before purchasing. Good knowledge of faucets and accessories.

2. Try as much as you can in choosing a faucet. The main thing is to try that the switch handle is smooth. You can't just choose a beautiful style and ignore the usefulness of the product. When switching high-quality faucets, they are usually not smooth. Great resistance, but poor quality fittings do not have this function. If you choose an inductive wall faucet, you also need to check whether the sensor switch is sensitive. You need to know that many sensor faucets on the market have very poor sensor sensitivity, which not only saves water but is also inconvenient.

3. The size of the wall tap is fixed. Whether or not it is useful after installation depends on the size of the sink, bathtub, etc. So when buying, you need to understand the sink and bathtub in the kitchen area first. The distance from the wall. This way, choosing a faucet allows you to choose the exact length of the faucet. It is necessary that the position of the faucet is not near the edge of the basin or bathtub, otherwise, it will affect the usability.

4. When choosing this type of faucet, it is recommended to choose a faucet made of copper or ceramic coil as it has good sealing performance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. In short, it has a long lifespan.

5. Try to select a normal goods manufacturer to buy. Once a wall faucet is overhauled, it is not easy to replace or repair. Therefore, after-sales service must be included in the contract to ensure later use.

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