Custom kitchen faucets are an important element of any kitchen. However, as many faucets as possible can add to the overall look of your kitchen. If the function of the faucet does not suit your needs, you will quickly become frustrated with which type you choose.

Nowadays, the use of single-hole faucets is all the rage - they reduce the number of cutouts on the counter, simplify installation and make the appearance more stylish - we have almost forgotten the benefits of separating the controller from the faucet.

A separate handle or other control does not affect the complex faucet design but instead highlights the faucet continuously. When the controls are removed from the faucet, the kitchen faucet no longer deviates from the expected lines and design. The matching surfaces or shapes on both parts also look great!

There are many types of kitchen faucets on the market. They differ in size, threads and functionality and most importantly in style. In addition to its basic functions, the faucet also has an appearance that aids the interior decoration. The perfect device of this type should meet both design and personal needs. Before choosing the right faucet, it is a good idea to know all of the types and styles available for purchase.

The most common product used is a fixed and rotating faucet. Its main feature is the classic, neutral design. They are definitely not as convenient as flexible and retractable faucets. Their biggest advantage is the price - this model is the cheapest.

360-degree kitchen faucets are very popular in the modern market. Why is this type of faucet so popular? First of all, this type of kitchen faucet can be rotated and is not limited to the angle of use. It is convenient to use the sink in multiple directions.

There are many faucets made of different materials on the market. The best material is brass. It has the ability to withstand physical damage, corrosion, chemical and limescale residues. Durability isn't the only good thing about brass - it looks great too. In addition, the elegant appearance of this metal is a lasting quality. While plastic faucet models can be replaced with cheaper alternatives, they are never as durable as brass.

Most brass faucets are coated with a layer of chrome, which looks very elegant and protects the surface. Due to its classic appearance, this type of kitchen faucet is suitable for any interior.

In addition to chrome, kitchen fittings are available in many other colors. Therefore, it is easy to find devices the color of which matches the furniture, walls, or other devices. Black kitchen faucets have become a very popular choice lately. This color is perfect for a modern or industrial kitchen. White faucets, on the other hand, are great for Scandinavian or English kitchens. Another increasingly popular type is a brass faucet without a chrome layer. They are suitable for elegant, glamorous interiors.

Most modern faucets use specially designed water filters to clean bacteria and toxic substances from water. For those who value safety and hygiene, a faucet with a filter is a good choice.

Kitchen Sink Faucet with Porcelain Handle in Polished Gold

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