Changing the look of bathtubs and shower faucets the right way is easy and inexpensive. If the valve in the wall is still working it will likely need to replace all of the visible parts with no actual installation required. This saves you from hiring plumbers and buying new valves. Let's follow the steps and change the bath and shower faucet (or just the shower) in 20 minutes.

Determine the Manufacturer and Valve Type: To determine if a trim kit is available for your particular bath and shower faucet, the first thing to do is determine who made it and what type of valve. Faucet manufacturers offer various types of valves for similar faucets to meet the needs of end-users. Some only offer temperature control, others flow control. Some faucets combine these two settings in one handle, while others have separate controls. Therefore, before looking for a decoration set, you need to determine the type of bath and shower faucet valve you have.

When switching out the tub and shower faucet, determine what type of tub spout you are using. Loosen the nut under the nozzle with an Allen key or screwdriver. Now turn the nozzle counterclockwise to remove it. There are two types of grommets: threaded and slide-in. Determine what you have so that you can buy the right decoration kit. This makes installation easier if you buy a nozzle that will fit an existing pipe (some kits have a universal bathtub nozzle ... and others don't, it's best to check out).

Take your tools with you: Allen wrench set, Teflon tape, normal screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, adjustable wrench, utility knife for cutting caulking

Remove the old bath and shower faucet. Cut gaskets around the edge and cut the opening of the bucket on the wall. Loosen and remove the screw on the temperature adjustment handle. Now remove the screws that hold the decorative panel under the handle position. Turn counterclockwise to remove the shower arm (you may need adjustable pliers to do this). As before, remove the bathtub spout.

Installation of new bath and shower fittings: It is best to follow the manufacturer's instructions, as the versions differ slightly. Basically, the way the faucet is returned is similar to the way the old faucet is disconnected. If you are using adjustable pliers to screw into a threaded connection on the wall, protect the coating on the sprinkler with a towel or other object. Also, make sure you use Teflon tape on the fitting to prevent leakage.

Operate the water outlet of the bathtub and the shower head of the faucet and check whether the connection is leaking.

Connect the wall: Don't forget to connect the spout and the sink cladding to the wall to prevent water from flowing back into the wall. If water gets into the wall, it can cause damage and mold.

Determine if your shower value is bad. Do you drag when you open the shower with the handle? Not turning at all? What about hot water? Is the water dripping but not flowing? Still can't mix hot and cold properly? You may not get any hot water or no hot water at all. It seemed that the water suddenly stopped. This means your shower valve is not good.

There is a coil in the shower. This can damage your shower valve as it is worn out and defective. The other big problem you saw was water leakage or seepage. The rubber rings and parts around the shower head and filter element need to be placed. These parts could be broken, corroded, or dried out.

Sometimes the shower valve seems to be broken but the plastic button is broken. So you have to look for this part so you don't have to spend any money to replace the whole thing.

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