As more and more people shower regularly, a bad shower experience can disappoint you. A good shower system will make for the best showering experience, and a variety of showering methods will ensure that you can enjoy the shower more. The best shower experience can relieve your work pressure and physical fatigue.

There is a wide range to choose from, from a wide range of smart shower systems to simple slide rail kits. Compared to running baths, showers are very popular because they save time and water.

At all of our showers are designed and tested to give you the best performance. However, sometimes your shower experience may not be up to the high standards that you would expect. In this article, we're going to find out the 5 most common causes of bad showers and how to avoid them.

1. Shower leaks

The great advantage of showering is that it is a simpler, faster, and easier process. There is no time delay waiting for the bathtub to fill and there is no need to clean up afterward. However, a leaky shower can eliminate all of these benefits in seconds.

It can be a pipe that supplies pressurized water to the sprinkler, the shower head itself, or the housing/shower curtain you are using. If any of these parts leaks, you stand in the bathroom with water and do a lot of cleaning.

If your leak persists and you can't find or fix the cause of the leak, buying a new shower head can solve the problem and provide you with an excuse for the shower that you need.

2. Drain the shower slowly

Even though it's much less water than a full bathtub, the shower can still draw a lot of water in a short amount of time. If there are drainage problems, you are in an uncomfortable pool.

This can also be dangerous as the water waiting to be drained is usually soapy and therefore slippery. Slowly flowing water also encourages mold and bacteria to grow over time. Always check that the drainpipe is as clear as it is usually easy to fix a slow drain shower simply by blocking it.

If your shower trash is too clogged or cannot be repaired, it is recommended that you purchase new trash. When it needs to be replaced, the shower tray trash provided by RBROHANT is an ideal solution to the slow drainage problem.

3. Bad ventilation

Every bathroom needs to be adequately ventilated, otherwise, condensation will cause moisture and other related problems. If your shower or bathroom doesn't have outward-opening windows, you'll need to make sure the exhaust fan is installed and turned on when needed.

4. Inferior shower head

There are many different types of shower heads on the market today, from shower heads with specific high-pressure directions to large "rainwater tank" models. The choice of shower type and pressure is a very personal matter. However, if the shower head is old, clogged, or corroded it can affect its performance.

5. Water pressure

Lower water pressure can affect the performance of even carefully selected equipment. There can be many possible causes, such as B. Deposits on old galvanized pipes and even wrong pipe sizes.

Unless you live on the top floor of a very old building, your water supply pressure should be sufficient for whatever type of shower system you like in most modern urban environments.

If you have low water pressure, in some cases it is worth buying a new shower pump. The shower pump improves the flow of water to the shower head, making for a more exciting shower experience.

Pressure Balanced Shower Faucet with Waterfall Bathtub Spout

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