Every kitchen and bathroom in the home is an indispensable facility - a faucet. A device that brings convenience to our lives. However, they are of different types and different problems may arise during use such as slow operation. Do you know why the tap is running slowly? And what are the solutions?

Life experience tells us that low water pressure is the most likely cause of the tap running slowly. Low water pressure can be a real problem. Adding water to the pot is like adding water to the bathtub. Adding water to the bathtub will make you think twice. There are many reasons for low voltage, so it is best to move from the simplest to the most difficult system solution.

First, check every tap throughout the house. Determine if the problem is pervasive or if it is just one problem. A faucet problem is usually the easiest to solve.

The aerator may be clogged. Loosen the nozzle and inspect the seal for damage or misalignment. Next, you can see mineral residue and debris on the sieve. Rinse everything off. If it hardens, you can soak it a little in vinegar or buy a replacement component.

If this doesn't increase the flow, make sure the water valve under the sink is fully open. You will be surprised how often these parts are turned off. Still bad luck? Turn off the water and disconnect the water supply. Rinse it off, being careful not to block it. reconnect. Or low pressure? If your faucet is older, install a new one. It should also be noted that if the hot water is still slow it may be a water tank problem as the sediment in the old water tank is causing a clog.

If all of these efforts didn't increase the flow rate, it could be that the pipes leading to the faucet were clogged or corroded and leaked somewhere along the way. Both problems require plumbers.

If the water is slow throughout the house, the repair method will be different. First, carefully check the main water valve next to the water meter. They may not be fully open, and if they're old and sticky, they can collect water there and block the flow of water. Dirt particles can be removed by gently turning the handle back and forth.

If your house has one, ask the plumber to check the pressure regulator. This bell-shaped device deteriorates over time and causes a sudden pressure drop or a sudden pressure increase.

If none of the above methods solve the problem, unfortunately, we have already encountered the worst. The pipeline must be severely clogged or leaky in places that are not obvious. In addition to cleaning these pipes, you cannot repair them either. It needs to be replaced by a professional plumber.

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