The most popular shower system in recent years is the thermostatic shower faucets. The thermostatic cartridge material is mainly divided into two kinds, one is paraffin, and the other is SMA memory alloy. SMA will be better in high-temperature resistance and stability. The penetration rate of thermostatic faucets in Japan is estimated to exceed 80%, and most homes and hotels use thermostats to prevent drunks or children from being scalded. Thermostatic shower systems can enhance the quality of life and happiness. You no longer have to worry that the water temperature of the bath will change greatly, giving you a bad experience.

What are the components of a shower system?

Hand shower
Hand shower bracket
Valve body
Shower arm
Sprayer jets
Decorative button
Shower hose

The shower system is classified according to the temperature control method, which can be divided into constant temperature and non-constant temperature.

(1) Thermostatic faucets. The thermostatic faucet can automatically balance the water pressure of cold water and hot water in a very short period of time through the thermostatic adjustment valve core of the faucet, so as to keep the water temperature stable, and no manual adjustment is required at all.

(2) Non-thermostatic faucets, also known as single-handle showers, require manual temperature adjustment.

The shower system can be divided into two types: exposed installation and concealed installation according to the product form.

There are two kinds of concealed showers, one is the valve core directly into the wall; the other is with an embedded box. Many of them will be directly inserted into the wall in order to save costs, but the disadvantages are also obvious. Water leakage needs to destroy the wall. However, if a recessed box is used, the cartridge can be fully serviced by simply removing the panel.

If you want easy maintenance in the later period, you need to buy a high-quality concealed shower faucet, that is, with an embedded box, you only need to remove the panel to adjust the flow rate. Affect household water use.

Do I still need a thermostatic faucet after using a gas water heater?

The gas water heaters solve the heat source problem, that is, all the water heater provides you with is water at a constant temperature. If you are using hot water in the kitchen or elsewhere at the same time, the flow of hot water will drop dramatically. The advantage of using a thermostatic faucet is the control of the water outlet, that is, to control the temperature of the water outlet.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermostatic faucets?

The thermostatic faucet refers to the automatic proportional mixing of cold and hot water through the thermostatic valve core to achieve the effect of constant temperature. Compared with the single-handle faucet, the temperature must be adjusted by adjusting the handle before taking a shower. The thermostatic faucet only needs to set the temperature to 38 degrees, and the water flowing out is 38 degrees. If you use an electric water heater, as the hot water becomes less and less, the temperature of the hot water becomes lower and lower. If it is not constant temperature, you need to adjust the handle while washing. But the thermostatic faucet is automatically mixed, so this action is not needed, ensuring that the temperature will be very stable throughout the bathing process.

Of course, the premise of all this is that you have enough hot water. If you don't have hot water, no matter how the thermostatic faucet mixes water, it does not heat itself and will not raise the temperature.

Compared with the single-lever faucet, the thermostatic faucet has a temperature lock, which is generally 38 degrees, that is, the temperature will be limited to 38 degrees. If it exceeds 38 degrees, you need to press a button to unlock it. This is also one aspect of its safety. After all, with a single-lever faucet, a drunkard or a child may get burned if he accidentally adjusts the water temperature to the highest position.

The downside of thermostatic faucets is that the cartridge is a little more fragile than the ceramic cartridge of a single-lever shower faucet. The main influencing factors are impurities in the water. If the water quality is poor, the life of the thermostatic cartridge will be affected to a certain extent. So it is recommended to install a pre-filter. Block the impurities in the water such as sediment, rust, etc.

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