Taking a Healthy Bath Has Positive Effects on the Body

For many of us, the daily shower is an integral part of our daily routine. It's usually not about personal hygiene, but about feel-good results. Take a hot bath in winter, cool down in summer with a cold bath… Showers have a positive effect on health and help to relax the mind and body. This in itself has a positive effect on health. However, you can go a step further and do things for your health by making small changes to your shower routine, such as boosting your immune system, relaxing muscles, and improving your complexion. Choosing a quality shower system to take a healthy bath is always a type of problem. Depending on whether you have dry or oily skin, whether you grumble or wake up early in the morning, or whether you sweat every day, one shower routine or the other is better for you. Here are four tips on how to get the most out of your shower.woman taking a bath

Alternating hot and cold showers can boost the immune system

Contrasting showers, which alternate between hot and cold water, have a long tradition in various cultures. Their beneficial effects are mainly based on empirical values, but scientific studies have also demonstrated some positive effects on health. The change from hot to cold triggers what's called "vascular gymnastics": our blood vessels expand and contract again in a short period of time. This boosts blood circulation, boosts the immune system and the body's heat regulation (meaning you won't catch a cold as quickly), and has a positive effect on our psyche as endorphins are released. If you want a healthy shower, you can easily incorporate the change from hot to cold into your daily showering ritual.

Of course, alternating hot and cold showers takes some getting used to. Cold water puts many people off. But once you get used to it, you don't want to be without this daily ritual anymore. The correct alternate shower method is as follows: first use warm water, let the body warm up first, usually five minutes is enough, but it is also a matter of feeling. Then switch to cold. If the contrast is too strong for you, it's best to get used to it slowly, first dipping your arms and legs only. As you repeat the process, you can also include more sensitive areas such as your back and stomach. By the third time at the latest, the body can usually tolerate cold water well. You can repeat this process one or two more times. It is important to end the shower with cold water.

You can also shower without soap

Is it healthy to take a shower every day? Dermatologists have always warned that too much personal hygiene can backfire and damage the skin's natural acidic shell, leading to dehydration and inflammation. However, many people don't find the common advice of showering only two to three times a week very appealing, precisely because most of us shower primarily to feel good. Especially people with tense muscles can feel very uncomfortable if they have to take a relaxing shower every day. If you still want a healthy shower, there is a temporary solution: shower without soap or body wash. If we don't do jobs that make you sweat a lot or stain you, washing with water is sufficient and is gentler on the skin than washing with soap, which only needs to be used every few days.woman taking a shower

Aromatherapy wellness shower

Aromatherapy with plant essential oils is mainly used when bathing. Of course, you're not going to have a nice shower every day (it's not good for your skin at all). However, it would be a shame to not have the beneficial healing powers of essential oils for the rest of the day. That's why it's best to use them in the shower. This can be done in a number of different ways, such as using a bath oil, which, unlike body washes, does not dry out the skin, making it ideal for daily showers. Or use a perfume bottle to spread the scent around the room. A very original and effective method is to hang the branches of aromatic plants - especially eucalyptus - from the shower head. The steam rich in botanical aromas has an expectorant effect and cleanses the airways - great for preventing colds or relief in the event of a cold. A morning eucalyptus shower can also stimulate the senses. If you want a particularly healthy shower, you might also consider whether a steam shower with aromatherapy is right for you. By the way, the health-promoting effects of steam showers are a topic in their own right, which you can read about here.

Showering properly: Taking time for a personal wellness ritual

Taking a healthy shower is not just a matter of hygiene and skin care. The beneficial effects of showering on the mind should not be underestimated, which as we all know ultimately affects our bodies as well. To make your daily bath healthy, it's best to turn your shower into a little ritual for your physical and mental well-being. This can be done, for example, by doing a self-massage on the neck and décolletage area with the aforementioned bath oils. This can relax the muscles more in the shower. Regular rubbing with peeling gloves is also a relaxing ritual that is also good for the skin. For even more relaxation, you can also install massage jets in the shower and use bathroom lighting to create the right mood.

It is important to understand the beneficial effects of showering. You can turn your shower ritual into a daily meditation or mindfulness practice by focusing on it consciously without making it an automatic process. Anyone who doesn't have time for meditation in their daily life will find the right moment here, as the shower is one of the few moments where you can fully focus on yourself. Even after the shower, you can prolong this zen moment by focusing on the relaxing aftereffects of the shower while applying soothing care products.
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