Stainless steel shower system.

Stainless steel showers are preferred by many consumers because they are lead-free, acid-proof, alkali-proof, non-corrosive, do not release harmful substances, and are good for human health.

The surface of the stainless steel shower does not need to be coated. Simply buff the surface to reveal its stainless steel color and always maintain a silvery-white shine that will never rust. Polished stainless steel products have a clean, shiny surface and are cleaned for 10 and 20 years. Stainless steel showers are easy to clean, and stainless steel showers are cleaner: cleaning water and steel balls of all kinds, the newer and brighter, the shinier.

The stainless steel shower is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel itself is resistant to corrosion from air, steam, water and other mildly corrosive media, as well as corrosive metals such as acids, bases and salts.

The stainless steel shower is a stylish bathing method. Currently, 70% of high-end showers in China are made of brass only. The trend of making taps from stainless steel has just started.

However, due to the hardness, toughness, solution casting and cutting process of stainless steel, the difficulty and cost are much higher than copper. Therefore, only a few manufacturers can produce stainless steel showers. This is relatively rare, but I believe that as China's industry develops, there will be more and more stainless steel manufacturers. Until then, the stainless steel shower will be the guideline.

In addition, people are paying more and more attention to the environment, and the import requirements for the lead content of copper showers are becoming more stringent. Stainless steel showers are environmentally friendly and lead-free. Conceptually, it is fully consistent with the concept of human whitening.

Brass shower system.

1. Brass hollow chrome plating (mostly round bars, also thick square bars): The advantages of brass hollow showers: more styles and moderate prices. Disadvantages: due to wear and tear, the coating can fall off better in a humid environment all year round, the coating is very thin, and the coating does not last long. Easy to deform, normal manufacturers generally do not have this problem! However, some manufacturers use the tube to look thicker, but the tube wall is thin and the use is broken (it is recommended to press hard when pressing, it is easy to bend).

2. Full brass full chrome plating (usually square tube, some prove it is solid, especially twisted a few flowers at both ends of the rod): the advantages of all brass shower: fine workmanship, thicker plating, durable. Disadvantages: High price, not as good as hollow.

What is the maintenance method for the shower?

Protect from heat.

High temperatures and UV light can significantly accelerate shower aging and shorten shower life. Therefore, the shower should be installed as far away from the electric heat source as Yuba.

Do not use too much force when adjusting.

Do not use excessive force when switching the shower faucet and adjusting the shower water outlet. Even conventional faucets do not require much effort.

Metal hoses should of course remain stretched.

The metal hose of the nozzle should of course remain extended when not in use and must not be wrapped around the faucet. Also, be careful not to create dead corners at the connection point between the hose and the faucet to avoid damaging or damaging the hose.

Shower System with Pressure Balance Valve

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