How to Replace a Clogged Shower Faucet?

For most people, showering is one of the most important daily rituals, whether as a refreshing start to the day or after a stressful day. Since showers are used much more often than bathtubs, there is also more wear and tear here. Therefore, a shower faucet deserves regular maintenance and occasional replacement, ideally for user comfort.

Due to frequent use, shower faucets are often the first place to fail in the bathroom. A dripping shower faucet or noticeably low water pressure indicates that limescale is gradually clogging the shower faucet. Even if the external scale of the shower faucet has been removed during regular cleaning, "internal calcification" is difficult to avoid unless a home's entire water supply includes a descaling system.replacing the shower faucet

If there are signs of severe calcification of the shower faucet, it should be replaced promptly. This can of course be done on your own, at least with all exposed shower faucets. If the shower accessory is a concealed shower faucet, perhaps even with a built-in thermostat, you should have a craftsman replace it.

When replacing a clogged shower faucet, it makes sense to remove the old shower faucet and take it with you when you buy a new one. Whether it's a hardware store or a specialty retailer: a customer advisor will help you choose and show you models that have the same mounting dimensions as your old accessories. Before dismantling, of course, the water in the house or apartment must be shut off until the new fittings are fully installed and all necessary sealing measures are taken. Here are the detailed steps:

  • Turn off the water in the house/apartment
  • Use an open-end wrench (hexagon) to open the fasteners of the shower faucet
  • Remove the connector and check the connection
  • Remove limescale from connections (household limescale cleaner)
  • Seal the connection (use PTFE/or sealant)
  • Insert new plastic seal
  • Install new accessories and tighten the set screws evenly
  • Run the water, start the shower and check for leaks

Tip: When replacing a faucet, it is often recommended to replace the rod that carries the shower head and shower hose at the same time. Ask a hardware store or specialty store for accessories that fit your accessories while installing new parts. The new link will not necessarily fit in the existing bore and may have to be installed separately. Be sure to seal any old drilled holes well to prevent moisture from seeping into the walls.

Common Shower Faucets: Single Handle Mixing Faucets

It adjusts the water to the correct temperature in the shower. This regulates the separate water jets from the hot and cold water pipes to ensure that the shower water is pleasantly warm and can adjust the temperature in an instant. The disadvantage of this standard fitting is the dependence on the hydraulic system. For example, if there is a sudden hot water failure due to excessive consumption, the shower water suddenly becomes very cold. The converse is even more unpleasant: If the cold water supply in the plumbing system suddenly stops, the shower water jet can become boiling within seconds. Not only does this result in a considerable loss of comfort, but in extreme cases it can even lead to scalding or slipping in the shower with serious consequences.

Thermostatic Shower System: Consistently Suitable Water Temperature

For example, if you want more comfort and avoid thermal surprises, you should consider switching to a thermostatic shower system. However, it can only be installed using the flush mounting structure. The so-called control section is installed under the plaster, where the hot and cold water mixes independently of the pressure in the pipes. The control system automatically compensates for any temperature and pressure differences and keeps the set temperature constant. Shower faucets with thermostats are available in a simple version without a temperature scale and a deluxe version that allows you to set a precise degree.

Once you decide to invest in a new shower faucet, and add the installer, you can turn your old shower into a true health shower with reasonable extra effort. Square shower heads for ceiling mounting, simulating a true rain shower, are currently in particularly high demand. Also popular are high-flow round shower heads for ceiling or wall mounting. Treat yourself to a bathroom retailer or well-stocked online store that will inspire you to turn your shower into an oasis of well-being.
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