If you have a tub and shower combo, the faucet handle can change the flow of water from the tub nozzle to the shower nozzle, and vice versa. When you use this handle, you activate the shower diverter, which is a valve that directs the flow of water over the wall. Rbrohant provides a shower faucet with a diverter, which is perfect for your combined shower room.

The shower valve redirects water from the showerhead to the tub faucet. When it is not working, water will be poured from both outlets at the same time. Repeated operation over time can wear the valve or rubber seal and cause drips and leaks. It's easy to fix, so let's learn how. The shower valve is divided into two parts:

The tub spout is used to fill the tub.
Turn the small knob to conduct water.

After confirming the shower diverter is damaged, please do not delay the repair. It can be easy to put off the shower, but a broken shower diverter wastes water and the shower isn't efficient. Shower separator repair is a home improvement project you can do in just one day. Here's how to repair the shower divider in seven simple steps:

Turn off the water supply to the shower.

Seal the sewer with duct tape to prevent small screws or other important parts from falling out of the sewer.

Tighten the screws behind the bypass valve panel. If you attempt to perform this repair, but water continues to trickle or leak slowly from the tub spout after engaging the shower diverter, please proceed to the next step.

Remove the shower diverter. If your switching valve has a rotary valve, unscrew the nut on the switching valve stem, then remove the entire valve. If equipped with a gate valve, unscrew the spout from the threaded barrel.
Replace the shunt. To ensure you purchase the correct replacement, please take the old shunt with you to the store.

Install a new shunt to ensure the parts do not cross. Tighten the shunt with a wrench, being careful not to overtighten it. Rotate the door or adjust the plug to ensure it is in the correct position, depending on whether it is engaged.

Open the water supply again. Squeeze the shower diverter to direct water flow to the showerhead. If your shower flows well and there are no leaks from the tub spout, your shower diverter has been successfully replaced. Prevent shower diverter wear

In order to reduce the pressure and wear of the shower manifold, and to avoid having to repair the shower manifold, please always release the manifold before turning off the water to allow water to flow from the bathtub faucet for a few seconds.

We are happy to help people renovate their bathrooms. Recently, the demand for shower suits has increased, as most people have realized that for resale value, the tub is an absolute must for the last time you take a shower. Every square meter of space is precious in the bathroom, so there is a real trend to create space for the bathroom, but sometimes this can only be achieved with a shower combination. The shower system design with a bathtub faucet will suit this trend very well.

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