Of course, a vacation or a weekend in a spa is a nice thing, but if you stay at home, you don't have to do without wellness. Most of us have the most important accessory in our own four walls - the bathtub. With a few little tips, a bath in the bath is a deeply relaxing affair, with which you simply leave the stress behind on the edge of the bath.

The environment should be right.

In order for an enjoyable bath to unfold its full effect, the ambiance should have a soothing and relaxing effect. So come on with soft candlelight and atmospheric music of your choice.

It all depends on the temperature.

The bathwater itself should be nice and warm, but not too warm. Water that is too hot and makes you sweat is not good for the body, and the temperature should not drop below 36C °. Physiotherapists know that a bath temperature between 36 and 39C ° is perceived by most people as perfect and also promotes relaxation of the muscles. To ensure cozy warmth during and after bathing, the temperature in the bathroom should also be around 25C °.

Don't soak for too long.

Anyone who has long been using their bathroom as an anti-stress cell has probably already figured it out - the length of stay is not unlimited. After just a few minutes in the warm water, stress and tension dissolve, but if you stay in bed for too long, you are dead tired afterward. Ten to twenty minutes in the water, depending on your preference, is more than enough.

Scents and aromas help you relax.

The warm water alone works well, but the effect is even better with bath oils or aromas. Bath additives are mixed with natural herbs, which have a relaxing, stimulating or nourishing effect. A shot of bath additive can also help with aching limbs or the first signs of a cold. Shaking off the stress in the tub is also good for the immune system.

Small, fine feasts.

The icing on the cake with a really opulent wellness bath in the bathtub at home is little things that pamper you ... a glass of good red wine (which also has a relaxing effect), with a few fine chocolates, or alternatively a plate with cheese, pieces of fruit and nuts to snack on, and hey presto, even stubborn stress evaporates.

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