The shower is one of the most important shower facilities for any family. The shower set can be divided into exposed shower systems and concealed shower systems. To achieve an aesthetic effect in the bathroom, many families nowadays choose a concealed shower with a concealed shower. The shower can be fully embedded in the wall and used as a flat decoration. In the past, the shower was a device for watering flowers and gradually became a sanitary ware. The shower system has different installation methods in different home designs. What I would like to introduce to you today is the concealed shower system. What is the exposed shower system? What are the advantages of concealed shower sets over exposed systems?

The control part (coil) of the concealed shower must be buried in the wall and connected to the inlet pipe for hot and cold water. An outlet pipe for the shower water supply is also connected to the wall. After installation, the walls can only see darkness. The control panel and overhead shower with shower faucet are not superfluous on the wall, which allows the wall to be clean and tidy.

Pros and cons of a concealed shower system.

The overhead shower with shower is optional and there are several large-caliber showerheads available. The shower system cannot be replaced by normal showers. After installing the installed shower set on the wall, only the shower and control switch remain on the wall, which does not take up too much space in the bathroom. It's visually simple and elegant. The disadvantage is that when you bury the valve core, the main part of the shower is buried in the wall. If problems arise with the valve core after prolonged use, e.g. Leakage of the valve cone interface, dripping from the shower, etc., maintenance is troublesome and the wall needs to be opened. Repair or replace.

The wall-mounted exposed shower system is a type of shower that is used in normal households. The shower head main body, hand shower head, etc. are installed on the reserved water supply port on the wall. The installation height is limited by the product itself. Certain restrictions.

concealed shower system

Pros and cons of an exposed shower system.

Wall-mounted shower kits usually consist of a shower faucet, overhead shower, and hand shower. It also comes with a shower tap and shower column. The wall-mounted shower system is easy to install. Just hold the shower faucet and wall-mounted hot and cold water inlet well. The connection is tight and can be used after attaching the shower rod or holding the shower seat. This style is more optional than the concealed shower and the price is cheaper than the installed shower. The disadvantage is that the control body and the water supply hose of the wall-mounted shower combination are exposed outside the wall and the visual effect is not as good as with the concealed shower. The shower body and the shower column also take up part of the bathroom space.

exposed shower system

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