With the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, more and more countries have begun to pay attention to public health issues. Automatic sensor faucets are widely used to protect public safety. In addition, many people forget to turn off the water after use, resulting in a huge waste of water resources. This is also when self-suction faucets came into our public view. When people reach out, the water starts to flow; when people leave, the water is shut off. You no longer have to forget to turn off the water. But many of us don't know much about sensor faucets these days.

The principle of sensor faucets.

The induction faucet refers to the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared emitted by the infrared transmitting tube is reflected by the infrared receiving tube due to the blocking of the human hand, and the signal is sent through the microcomputer processing in the integrated circuit. For the pulse solenoid valve, the solenoid valve opens the valve core according to the specified command after receiving the signal to control the water from the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve core is reset by the internal spring. Control the water from the faucet.

At present, the waste of urban water resources is serious, and the water resources are decreasing day by day. RBROHANT constantly innovates product structure, improves product design, and applies the latest technology to product design. RBROHANT induction faucet takes people's water habits into consideration, making it more convenient for people to use water, and at the same time effectively avoiding the waste of a lot of water and the spread of germs caused by contact, and effectively preventing cross-infection. In this way, the purpose of convenience, sanitation, and water-saving can be achieved.

The main types of sensor faucets are as follows:

(1) Faucet with shielded infrared automatic switch.
When someone reaches out to wash their hands, the infrared rays are blocked and the faucet automatically turns on and dispenses water. After washing and leaving the machine, after a delay of 10 seconds to discharge the water, the faucet will automatically close and stop. Easy to use, healthy and water-saving.

(2) Infrared reflective water-saving faucet.
The water-saving circulation infrared-reflective water-saving faucet is divided into two main parts, which are placed on both sides of the faucet. If someone is near the faucet to be cleaned, their infrared rays will be reflected. After receiving, amplifying, decoding, and outputting, turn on the tap to trigger the solid-state relay. Turn on the tap. When the person leaves after washing, the faucet automatically turns off. This cycle saves water and electricity and also prevents exposure to various diseases and infections. Can be widely used in restaurants, public toilets, hospitals, passenger stations, and other public places.

Now public places are all sensor faucets, and switch-type faucets are almost invisible. Times are advancing, and even a little tap will keep going. If we do not progress, we will be eliminated by society. Induction faucets can effectively prevent the waste of water resources.

Sensor faucet

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