Why Does the Kitchen Faucet Make Noise?

Possible reasons for the squealing noise generated by the kitchen faucet: Generally, the faucet cannot be poured from the water fountain, and ripples will be generated. The frequency of the waves and the resonant frequency of the pipe causes the pipe to resonate and emit sound.

1. The water pressure in the faucet pipe is insufficient, resulting in water noise in the pipe when the water is returned.

2. Another possible reason is that the air in the tube is not deflated and the air in the tube expands and compresses with the sound. The water flows too fast and the air is scattered. Find a way to reduce the water flow, change the pipe diameter and open the valve as wide as possible.

3. We can see whether the kitchen faucet noise is caused by the wrong side of the faucet gasket, or whether the gasket cannot be tightly fitted to the faucet cartridge. In this case, you can replace the gasket with a new one or simply tighten the gasket to eliminate noise.

4. There may also be a problem with the cartridge. Remove the faucet cover and tighten the cartridge. After removing the cartridge, apply some petroleum jelly to both sets of threads.

5. If there is still noise, the reason is that the thread of the faucet body is worn out. So this time it can only be a new faucet.
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1. All impurities in the pipeline should be thoroughly removed during installation. Avoid damaging, blocking, clogging, and leaking the cartridge. The surface should also be cleaned to avoid remaining building materials.

2. Any sprinkler product used does not need to apply too much force to the switch, just twist or toggle slightly. Even the traditional bathroom faucet can be tightened without much effort. In particular, do not use the handle as a support or handrail. After long-term use, the product equipped with the outlet mesh cover should be disassembled and rinsed to remove impurities. Products with tubes should take care to maintain a constant natural stretch to avoid breakage.

3. The metal hose of the bathtub faucet shower head should be kept naturally stretched and should not be used when it is coiled. When using or not in use, be careful not to create a dead angle between the hose and the valve body joint, so as not to damage or damage the hose.

4. Due to the use of the sprinkler head, sometimes it can not be fully closed, leaking, the handle is loose, the connection is loose, and the leakage, etc., can be fixed by ordinary consumers themselves.
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How to choose a kitchen faucet?

1. Hot and cold water

Clean the pots and pans in the kitchen frequently, especially in winter when more hot water is needed. We must pay attention to buying hot and cold faucets with showers. Nowadays there are usually single holes and single holes that can be purchased under certain conditions.

2. All-round cleaning

In addition, there is a new type of smart touch faucet that can rotate the water in different directions. A good faucet should be able to meet the demands of 360° cleaning in all directions. Practical for daily kitchen cleaning. It's simpler and more intimate.

3. Material selection

The plastic and cast iron kitchen mixer taps are removed. The zinc alloy faucets are easily oxidized by water and are not suitable for releasing heavy metals that are harmful to the human body. Stainless steel and ceramic faucets are not harmful to health, but the production cost is high, stainless steel is easy to damage, ceramic is fragile, and the price is not high. On the contrary, the refined copper faucet is not only mature in the production process, but also not easily corroded. antibacterial effect.

4. Comfortable foaming

There is a bubbler at the outlet of the faucet. The combination of a good bubbler and filter can achieve the effect of low-noise water saving, soft water discharge, reduced water splashing, and excellent water-saving performance.

5. High-quality cartridge

There are two main types of cartridges: ceramic cartridges and steel ball cartridges. It is recommended to purchase a ceramic cartridge, which is not only heat-resistant and wear-resistant but also has a long service life, which can better prevent dripping and leakage. The performance of the steel cartridge is also good in all aspects, but compared to the ceramic cartridge, the use time is short and it is easy to drip.

6. Anti-rust

The surface of the faucet is electroplated. If the plating is not good, it is easy to fall off and rust. The faucet has passed the level 10 galvanic faucet. In the Salt Spray Test, the corrosion range is 0, and it has a metallic luster, exquisite and delicate, and the appearance of long-term use is as bright as new and will not rust.
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