How to replace the bathroom shower drain?

1. First, the original shower drain needs to be removed, and the tiles are cut with a cutting machine. During the cutting process, water spray can better complete the cutting line;

2. After the cutting is completed, tap the shower drain and the cut part with a hammer to loosen the shower drain and the tiles, and it is easier to take out the shower drain that needs to be replaced;

3. After removing the shower drain, remove any debris attached to the shower drain, then throw the shower drain aside, and then find a rag and put it into the sewer channel. It must be tightly plugged to prevent cement, sand, etc. from falling into and blocking when cleaning the groove. sewer pipe;

4. Clean up sand, cement and other sundries, then take out the rag and put it into the shower drain to check whether the height of the shower drain is appropriate;

5. If there is no problem, take out an appropriate amount of anti-seepage material and mix it evenly. It is best to use waterproof material here, otherwise, water may penetrate into the next layer;

6. Then apply the evenly mixed waterproof material to the groove and the periphery of the new shower drain;

7. Then put the shower drain into the groove, note that the groove is about 1mm lower than the surrounding tiles;

8. After about 10 minutes, put the filter shaft dipped in water into the shower drain base, and rotate it properly to fully combine the silica gel around the filter shaft with the base;

9. Install the filter screen and clean the surrounding of the shower drain.

What should I do if the bathroom shower drain is blocked?

Many old-fashioned shower drains will feel slower and slower after using for a period of time. This is because a lot of impurities in the sewage are attached to the traps. If they are not cleaned frequently, it will lead to poor water flow. But old-fashioned deepwater shower drains are very difficult to clean, my method is to use a slender hook. Usually, a lot of hair is removed.

What should I do if the bathroom shower leaks?

The general bathroom shower drain leaks, mainly because the installation and connection of the shower drain and the sewer interface are not tight, and water leakage occurs. The solution can be to open the tiles around the shower drain, excavate the surrounding cement to a depth of 3cm, and use rigid materials such as plugging spirit to paint the joint of the pipe wall and the cement layer for partial waterproofing treatment, and do a closed water test if it is dry. Seepage can be restored to its original state.

How to clean the bathroom shower drain?

Remove the drain filter. The shower drain only needs to be rotated counterclockwise to take out the shower drain core, then rinse it in clean water, and then press it clockwise. According to different usage conditions, it is generally cleaned once every 20 to 60 days. If the shower drain filter is damaged, it is easy to replace it.

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