12 Impressive Outdoor Shower Ideas and Designs

Homes with gardens and swimming pools should also include outdoor showers to complete the wash. An outdoor shower complements the swimming pool and is invaluable during pool parties and weekend gatherings. It will energize weekends and summer vacations in a family home with kids and pets. Here are some impressive and fantastic outdoor shower ideas and designs for reference!
Outdoor Shower Fixture

1. Tropical Paradise

Tropical lush shower nook. Choose a secluded corner of your backyard and install this secret shower with exotic flowers and greenery as a screen. Perfect for your garden shower.

2. Rafter Covering

What a great way to end your hot day or swim workout, in this incredible outdoor shower. Inspired by the warm islands of the Mediterranean, the shower features overhead rafters, a flagstone patio, pebbles and lots of greenery.

3. Privacy Screen

This spacious and bright outdoor shower also offers privacy. Wood accents on the walls add to the quaint vibe, while the bright blue tile floor is perfect for standing on your feet. A concrete screen was added on one side and plants on the other to give you plenty of coverage and privacy.

4. Natural Elements

For those of you who love the great outdoors, this shower is the perfect addition to the huge. The shower is camouflaged in the form of nature, featuring a dead tree as a shower rod, a rock slab shower and a huge wilderness area, isn't it wild?

5. Spa-inspired Corner

Neat, organized and peaceful. This spa-inspired outdoor shower has all the calmness and cleanliness of an indoor spa: candles, orchids, aromatherapy, water, and slate. Pebbled concrete floors complement the lush vegetation to complete the look.

6. Backyard Shower Column

This backyard shower column is straightforward. The sturdy post contains the pipes and acts as a shower base. Its rain shower gives a smooth rainy experience. Finish the shower with some slate support.

7. Treehouse Balcony Shower

Communicate with nature while enjoying a refreshing outdoor shower on your private balcony. This backyard porch has quaint elements: wood floors and iron piping.

8. Rosy Retreat

This is a naturally fragrant shower corner. Shower in backyard corner, added rafters, plank floor and walls. The space is lined with potted rose bushes, keeping its sweet smell and giving it a beautiful and sophisticated look.

9. Rain Arch

Creative and modern, eye-catching and functional. This rainy arch is also an amazing garden water feature as it is a shower. Its spa-inspired design combines pebbles, wood, water and nature. The key is that it is not only a shower area, but also a water scenic spot.

10. Modern Country Style

Part of the wall becomes an eye-catching outdoor shower. To define the space, the shower has wooden slatted walls and floors. A cool chrome shower contrasts with warm wood tones.

11. Waterfall Outdoor Shower

Have a waterfall in your garden, enjoy it! This circular outdoor shower enclosure has stacked stone walls on the outside and a wooden bench inside. A waterfall shower is exciting, while its pebbled floor and shower seat ensure maximum user comfort.

12. Stylish minimalism

A beautifully designed outdoor shower provides reliable comfort. Its dark gray stone walls evoke the simplicity of minimalism, while modern wood-slatted screens provide a sense of privacy and comfort.

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