Shower leakage is a common problem in the bathroom, and there are many reasons for it. So how to fix a leaky shower faucet?

1. The selection of materials.

Different materials of the shower will also affect the length of service life to a certain extent, such as plastic material, which is likely to add a lot of waste. Plexiglass ABS and other materials can be selected, but do not choose cast iron material, otherwise, it is very easy to rust, not only unattractive but also block the outlet, so try to buy pure copper material.

2. Internal pressure imbalance.

After the shower is used, the air pressure and atmospheric pressure inside the shower are in balance, so the water in it will not flow out for the time being, and the water stored in the shower will flow out after a period of time when it is out of balance. This is the problem of big top spray, and it is not that the shower is leaking or broken, so you can rest assured that if it is continuously dripping and leaking, it is a quality problem.

3. The shower is blocked.

After the product has been used for a period of time, the outlet hole will become narrow, in fact, this is mainly due to the water quality because the water contains a lot of alkalies, scale is deposited in the outlet hole, resulting in sprinkler blockage or dripping. Therefore, in the selection and purchase, it is not necessary to choose well-known brands but must choose those brands that are more recognized by the public.

3-Function Thermostatic Shower System
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