How to Choose the Right Faucet?

Nothing works in the bathroom and kitchen without a faucet – in the truest sense of the word. Therefore, before buying a faucet, you must pay attention to some things in order to find the right fitting.

It starts with the right size and type of faucet, continues with the material and ends with extras such as a digital display and smart function. We'll help you find the right faucet - regardless of whether you're looking for a practical model for the guest bathroom, a stylish designer piece or a multifunctional kitchen faucet with numerous extras.
Single Handle Brushed Gold Bathroom Faucet

What size faucet should I choose?

The size of the faucet is not only important for the visual appearance. It also plays a role when it comes to filling vessels. Whichever height faucet you choose, make sure there is at least a 40cm gap between the spout and the sink. This keeps splashes of water within limits and the area around the pool stays dry. Of course, you also need to make sure that the faucet's hoses fit the appropriate angle valves.

Should I choose a movable faucet?

Traditionally, faucets sit rigidly on the washbasin. After all, they should not slip during use. However, there are also faucets that can be swiveled by up to 360°. This is particularly useful if you use a double washbasin or sink.

An alternative are faucets with a rotating spout. This allows you to change the direction of the water jet.

Do you want to save space? Then faucets that can be pulled out, folded down or adjusted in height are just right for you.

Where should I put the faucet?

Most fittings can be screwed directly onto the basin. But nowadays there are also taps that are mounted on the washbasin. This variant is often combined with countertop washbasins.

You can also attach the bathroom faucet to the wall. In this way, the supply lines can be hidden and nothing obscures the view of the washbasin - perfect if you want to showcase a noble designer piece.
Widespread Bathroom Faucet

What material should the faucet be made of?

Choosing the right material is important for the faucet.

  • Lasts as long as possible.
  • Can be easily cleaned.
  • Bacteria and germs have little surface to attack.

Which manufacturers are known for high-quality faucets?

You can get cheap taps everywhere – even in the supermarket as a special offer. However, one should not save in the wrong place in the fittings area.

A quality faucet will last over 10 years and is easy to repair as replacement parts are provided by the manufacturer.

This does not apply to cheap products. Branded products also score points when it comes to hygiene and drinking water quality, as they do not release any harmful substances into the water.

The RBROHANT company has long pursued excellence in quality.

Which faucet are particularly water-saving?

If you use your tap often and want to do something good for the environment, you should choose an economical model.

An aerator that limits the flow rate is a good start. Fittings that help you save hot water are even more useful.

Which is better - single lever faucet or two handle faucet?

Two types of faucets are mainly used in the bathroom and kitchen:

As the name suggests, two-handle faucets have two handles with which the water volume and temperature can be regulated.
With single-lever mixers, hot and cold water are mixed inside by a cartridge. It is operated using a lever.

Nowadays, single-lever mixers are the more popular variant.

Is a sensor faucet recommended?

If you want a particularly modern faucet, you can opt for a model with a sensor. You simply activate this with a short tap. Of course, you need your own power connection for this. Since you don't have to touch the tap less often, fewer bacteria can form.

Sensor fittings are also economical in consumption. This makes this type of faucet popular in public bathrooms.

What other functions are interesting?

Today's taps can do more than just provide hot and cold water. Some of the newer features include:

  • Pull-out spray nozzles: particularly practical for filling pots
  • Boiling hot water at the touch of a button: the function requires space for a boiler.
  • Bubbler for mineral water from the tap: You also need space under the basin here.
  • Electronic temperature display: perfect if you want to fine-tune the temperature.
  • Water jet with LED lighting: blue for cold water, red for hot water.
  • Smartphone control: for precise control of water volume and temperature.
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