The shower column is an essential piece of equipment in our classic or modern bathroom that contributes to the well-being of its users. Some people are not satisfied with the classic models and prefer to install a hydromassage shower column to optimize comfort as much as possible. Others rely on thermostatic shower columns to reduce consumption in the bathroom while maintaining user comfort. On a technical level, installing or replacing a shower column is not complicated. You just need to know the installation skills and have all the necessary tools.

What is a shower column?

The shower column plays an essential role in the bathroom. Its use makes the bathroom more functional. Indeed, installing a shower column facilitates the handling of the hand shower by several users, children or adults. Also called a shower set, it generally consists of a shower bar, a shower head, and a hose. Other manufacturers also offer a showerhead or even a thermostatic faucet as an extra.

Why change the shower column?

Several reasons can lead you to change a shower column. Following a water leak or in the event of wear, it is best to replace it. Note that after several years of use, the shower column rusts and becomes less aesthetic, especially if its maintenance is not carried out regularly. But its replacement can also mean comfort in the bathroom. As manufacturers are constantly innovating, the models offered on the market are more and more attractive. You will only further improve the level of well-being in the bathroom.

If you're a seasoned DIYer, installing a new shower column shouldn't be a problem. Just follow the instructions in the installation manual. On the other hand, our tips may be useful to you if you are a novice in the field. Installing a shower column will only take half an hour on average. Here is the list of tools and equipment you will need:

Pliers, set of screwdrivers, mallet, drill-driver, dowels and screws, spirit level, tape measure, cloth, etc.

Installation prerequisites.

Before installing the shower column, some preparations are necessary. First, you must check if all the elements that make up the shower set are available. You should normally have a shower bar with brackets, a hand shower, a shower hose, and a fixing kit consisting of dowels and screws. Don't forget the installation instructions. All gaskets should also be included in the package. Also, make sure that all the tools and equipment needed for the installation are available.

You can then move on to taking measurements. This step is essential because it guarantees the success of the installation. Remember that you have to drill the wall to be able to mount a shower column. The slightest mistake will waste your time, not to mention the impact on the aesthetics of the bathroom. Using the tape measure, you can find the appropriate height by considering the height of different users. Normally, the shower rail should extend 15 cm above the head of the tallest user. Mark the center of the faucet with the marker and draw a vertical line up to the intersection point of the tiles closest to the ends. The spirit level allows you to check the verticality.

Drilling fixing holes.

Drilling should not be done on the tile surface, but at the joints. Begin drilling at the marking location. However, if this condition is not achievable, you are forced to drill the tiles. For this, you must use a diamond drill bit. Once you reach the wall, you will use a concrete forest. Proceed in the same way for a partition. The diameter of the hole to be made must be the same as that of the dowels in order to facilitate the installation of the shower bar.

Installation of the shower bar.

To insert the dowels into the holes, you will use the mallet. But first, you need to fill the holes with sanitary silicone. Attach the support at the top of the installation and insert the shower bar. Make sure that the slider is always positioned to the right of the shower bar. Then screw the bottom support. Do not forget to put the support covers if they are provided by the manufacturer.

Mount the shower head.

Before assembly, remember to turn off the water supply. Check to see if each end of the hose has a seal. If so, you can start without waiting for the installation. Note that the small end of the hose must be integrated into the shower mixer. The other end is connected to the hand shower. The tightening must first be done by hand, then you will reinforce using multi-grip pliers. Don't forget to use the cloth to protect the connection during the final fixing.

Checking the tightness.

This step is essential to confirm the success of the installation. Apart from the leak test, you also need to make sure that the shower head works without problems. In the event of a leak, the tightenings will have to be reviewed. Either the hose has defects, or you forgot to put the seals. If it is a hardware failure, do not hesitate to inform the DIY store concerned.

The intervention of a plumber.

In general, this option is not necessary, since the installation of a shower column is not complicated. However, if you encounter any problems, contact a plumber immediately. In any case, installing a shower column is not expensive.

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