When you've been watching your favorite movie, you suddenly start hearing that annoying buzzing sound. What was worse, you had no idea where it came from! As you circled the inside of your home, you finally heard it coming from your faucet. And now you're here wondering how on earth a noisy faucet can be silenced.

We are happy to have you here on our site. Let our expertise guide you through a noisy faucet problem.

There are several reasons why a faucet makes that annoying, annoying noise. The most common answer would be water hammer.

Water hammer, or more formally known as hydraulic shock, is a pressure surge. It is caused by a sudden change in direction or a forced stoppage of a liquid (sometimes gas). In other words, when a faucet is turned off quickly, it sends a shock wave to the moving water. As a result, the pipe vibrates and "trembles," hence the incessant noise.

Here are useful ways to fix faucet problems.

Loose pipes.

Since pipes vibrate, this can also be due to loose pipes. To lessen it, fasten them with metal or plastic clips to limit the shuddering motion.

Damaged air chamber.

This device reduces pulsations such as pipe vibrations. Check your air chambers to see if they are full of water and if they are not working properly. Therefore, they cannot help reduce the moving pipes.

Check the aerator.

This device prevents water splashing by shaping the water flow. Check this unit as mineral deposits may have accumulated. This may be the reason why your faucet is making noise. You need to carefully unscrew the device and clean it by removing the debris.


If cleaning the aerator didn't work, the washer may be the cause. If this device is either the wrong size or starts to wear out, you need to replace the old one. Before replacing, make sure you turn off the water supply first.

Repair the faucet

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