What Additional Functions Can My Garden Outdoor Shower Achieve?

The hand shower is the most popular feature. You can shower so quickly without getting your hair wet. The hand shower is also suitable for quickly rinsing feet and watering plant pots, etc.

A foot bath is often a good option if you just want to give your feet a quick rinse. This is a small sprinkler head with an aerator, and water is sprayed from a height of about 60 cm. For example, you can wash your feet before leaving the garden and before entering the house.
outdoor shower with hand shower

Garden Shower as Dog Shower

Garden showers are also great for bathing your four-legged friends outdoors. So you don't have to carry your dirty dog across the house to the bathroom. Suitable for all models with hand showers. Of course, the outdoor shower head is made of stainless steel and is of high quality. There you can wash your dog and there is also a practical drinking point with a bowl in the garden.

NOTE: For hand showers use ½ inch thread to tighten on all garden showers. You can screw on any standard hand shower. For example, the company Rbrohant has a special dog sprayer in its range. With spray, massage function and brush. All this with practical one-handed operation. Depending on space, it may also make sense to swap out the hose for a dog shower and switch to a longer model.
Garden Shower as Dog Shower

Outdoor Showers as Water Points

Outdoor showers with foot showers can usually be easily retrofitted. The footbath jet has an aerator. This can be unscrewed and connect a garden hose here (for example if you want to fill a small paddling pool).

For cleaning mountain bikes, pool decks, or gardening equipment, jet showers can be useful, sometimes in conjunction with bidets.

If you often want to switch between different hand showers, we recommend installing a quick coupling. You can then switch on various additional showers.

If you have any other questions about using your garden shower - please feel free to contact us. We'd love to help you! 
Outdoor showers with foot shower
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