A high-quality kitchen faucet is an indispensable piece of equipment in a modern kitchen. The main drinking water flows through pipes. Research shows that you spend 5 hours an hour in the kitchen in the living room. For this reason, it is important to choose a good quality kitchen faucet. When buying, we give tips and considerations. The functional aspect should be the most important to us because even if you pay more attention to the design, there are several possibilities that you should familiarize yourself with. If you are more interested in aesthetics, you need to familiarize yourself with how it works. Because modern kitchen fittings offer several functions that significantly improve user-friendliness and thus increase the joy of cooking and baking.

1. Kitchen faucet with shower head.

Kitchen fittings with pump spray are particularly practical. This extends the radius of action considerably. This way, you can effortlessly walk into any area of ​​the sink and even rinse off large kitchen boards or sinks instantly. Rbrohant counted the best-selling types of kitchen faucets and found that among all the kitchen faucets, the kitchen faucet with the showerhead pulled out was the best-selling. It not only has the function of a normal kitchen faucet but also expands the range of applications. The pull-out faucet can precisely direct water to other containers and fill it up quickly. Modern kitchen fittings with pump sprayers and tall, flexible nozzles are particularly practical. Although rotating nozzles can already offer several advantages in that the water jet can be used flexibly, kitchen sinks with pull-out spray devices offer more options.

2. Kitchen faucet with the sensor.

Those who appreciate the latest technology are worth the money. Because high-tech accessories for the kitchen offer more convenience. Most people may only know this from public restaurant toilets: faucets with no handles. But this can also be very practical in the kitchen. Here the infrared sensor ensures that water always flows out when you approach the tap at a certain distance. This is achieved by controlling the electronic device and can be operated by carefully placing the hand or forearm. You don't have to switch, even if you hold your hands tight, and you can rinse flexibly. Since the faucet is no longer touched by hand, this accessory is more hygienic. Therefore, if you want to fill a pot quickly, you can leave it empty. Even if you want to clean up the dirt, you can do it without damaging the faucet.

3. Kitchen faucet with the LED light beam.

At all times, people are pursuing innovative design. There are many kitchen faucets with novel designs on the market. Among the many designs, I find the kitchen faucet with LED very attractive. This type of faucet controls the color of the LED light beam through the water, which is very modern and very suitable for creating a modern home. If you want it to be a little tricky, it is recommended that you use a jet of bright water. Small LEDs are installed at the exit that illuminates the water in several colors.

4. Hot and cold kitchen faucet.

Faucets with hot water systems are also very convenient. It is always made with some hot water so you can start cooking right away without waiting for the kettle and so on. Almost all kitchen fittings on the market are equipped with hot and cold water functions. The two different inlet pipes and the direction of rotation of the handle switch are used to control the hot and cold water. It is very suitable for the kitchen. You can quickly use hot water to clean bowls and dishes and wash some items that need better cleaning with hot water.

5. Kitchen faucet with water filter function.

We can also see another modern innovative kitchen faucet on the market, namely a kitchen faucet with a water filter function. As the name suggests, most of these faucets have two handle controls, one controls hot and cold water, and the other controls purified water. This type of faucet can be installed in conjunction with the water filter coil, and the water in the water pipe can be filtered by the water filter coil to provide pure water for direct drinking. Modern people pay more attention to healthy and safe drinking water, which is why this kitchen faucet is very popular and also a typical representative of modern, innovative kitchen faucets.

Pull out kitchen faucet brushed nickel

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