When it comes to home renovations, kitchen or bathroom upgrades, we can't do without the choice of faucets. Should you install a deck mount or wall mount?

If you're looking for a more convenient or innovative option than a traditional sink faucet, wall-mounted faucets may be the choice for you. There are both beautiful and space-saving reasons why so many modern bathroom designs include these modern wall-mounted fittings.

What is a wall mount faucet?

A wall-mounted faucet is a wall mounting device in which the spout and water valve are installed just above a water tank. This is not the same as a deck-mounted faucet that is mounted on a sink and is flush with the sink. Although deck taps are widely used in most bathrooms and kitchens, wall installations are also becoming increasingly popular.

In contrast to deck mount faucets, wall mount faucets differ mainly in that they require different settings for the water supply line. Most bathroom and kitchen plumbing connect directly to the underside of a countertop or sink. However, with wall-mounted faucets, the pipes must be connected directly through the back of the wall where the faucet is installed.

In addition, the height and depth of the sink of the wall mount faucet require slightly different dimensions. Wall-mounted taps usually work for most standard-size sinks, while wall-mounted taps need to be placed low enough to avoid splashing water but high enough to have enough room to move your hands or whatever you want to wash around.

Why are wall-mounted faucets popular?

In addition to their practicality, wall fittings are becoming increasingly popular as a style choice.

"A lot of people choose wall mount faucets because they look neat. It's a modern and practical style," he said. "You can often see them in the kitchen of the dining room." She went on to say that wall-mounted faucets could also be built into the tailgate. "When you hang something on a wall, it's more like a relief or a sculpture. The surrounding tiles - color, shape, grout line - are part of the composition."

When installing a wall faucet, it is necessary to pay attention to the height and length of the sink compared to the sink. If it's the wrong size it can be a problem. In general, you want to keep the height of the faucet at least 1 inch above the basin. However, if that's what you want it may be preferable to add space. Be sure to install the faucet too high as it will be more difficult to control the flow and this can result in water spraying. You should be able to test the faucet in a showroom or connect it to a hose to measure the amount of water before installing it.

Typically, wall-mounted fittings are 6 to 12 inches long. This provides options for different sinks of different depths. When choosing your own faucet, you need to take a measurement before purchasing and make sure that the faucet will match the sink of your choice.

While less than buying a traditional sink that requires more measurements, the main factor to consider is the reach of the faucet, i.e. the length of the faucet from which the plinth is installed. You need to focus the water flow near the drain, which can affect the faucet you choose. Unless you have a unique pool of water that adds splash water, the height of the faucet may have been considered in the design.

Will wall mount faucets be out of date?

While it's hard to say what will definitely happen in the next few years, in general, the more classic your design, the more timeless it will be. Wall fittings certainly fall into this category. They look retro and pragmatic right from the start and can only be complemented by a more modern bathroom design (including subway tiles) with a vintage foundation.

Wall faucets are stylish, retro and modern. They are the focus of any bathroom or kitchen design and can add a certain "wow" factor to their uniqueness. While more consideration of the installation and location may be required, wall-mounted faucets are generally a good choice for your home design.

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