When the kitchen faucet comes into play, things get chaotic quickly. However, when this happens, it is often difficult to decide whether it is enough to make repairs or whether it is time to choose the Rbrohant faucet without the need for frequent repairs. Various factors, such as budget or the general condition of the accessories, can influence our choices for this issue. Regardless of which solution we choose for damaged kitchen accessories, repairs and replacements have their advantages and disadvantages. We'll tell you everything you need to repair and replace a damaged kitchen faucet.

Every kitchen faucet can be damaged. There are two ways to deal with this situation: either repair it or replace it with a new one. Which is the better solution? For kitchen fittings that have been in use for a long time, I recommend replacing them with new ones. The regular replacement of fittings is also one of the measures to ensure water safety. If it is a faucet that has not been used for a long time, you can get warranty service from the relevant store.

The water flowing on the faucet get smaller

The flow of purified water is a malfunction and does not require a device replacement. In fact, the water leaking from your faucet has thinned out which can quickly become frustrating. This is caused by debris and other particles (such as limescale) that build up in the faucet. This is a common problem with hot water faucets, but it still occurs with cold water faucets. To solve this problem, it is necessary to turn on the faucet to remove any debris that has accumulated inside. If you reassemble the valve, this problem will no longer occur.

Rubber o-ring damage

If your kitchen has a faucet, it has a rubber o-ring on it to prevent water from flowing around the spout top and the main body of the faucet. Over time, this small component can be damaged and no longer retain moisture. Fortunately, you don't have to turn off the water to make repairs. Buying a new O-ring in the store and replacing the O-ring in the faucet will solve the problem.

Valve leak

When you turn on the faucet, a problem often arises in the kitchen. This could be due to insufficient nut tightening or a broken valve seal. This type of problem does not require device replacement either. On the other hand, you still need the tools to carry out the repairs. If you don't have an adjustable wrench, you'll need to hire a plumber.

Replacement of the kitchen faucet

If the kitchen faucet is too old to be fixed, replacing the faucet is the last resort. Although repairs are still possible, this is only a time limit to delay the next outage. In addition, the old faucet model has not been optimized for the user's consumption patterns at all. Nowadays, however, in addition to the significant saving in billing money, there are also various types of faucets that offer the best convenience of use. For this reason, it is advisable to install a new mixer tap or the latest model of mixer for improved convenience and greater water saving.

Changing the kitchen faucet takes place in several steps. You must remove the old device before installing the new device. For the individual, this is not always easy to achieve as this process requires a lot of technology in addition to the tools. Because of this, we can only ask the installer to replace the valve, whether it is part or all of the equipment. If you need to change shower fittings due to water leaks or other malfunctions, you can buy a brand new fitting from Rbrohant.

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