Three types of faucets are commonly found in bathrooms: sink, bathtub and shower. But not everyone has the same characteristics. Therefore the shower faucet is only attached to the wall. A hose was added to allow the shower to take in water. After all, unlike bathtub faucets, it has no nozzles.

Thermostatic shower faucets are specially designed for bathrooms. The faucet is characterized by a regulator that regulates the water temperature (depending on the desired degree) and another regulator that regulates the flow. Unlike a standard faucet with a single joystick, it has to be turned up or down to get more or less flow, and it has to be turned left or right to adjust the temperature.

The thermostatic shower faucet is part of the faucet series, but there are also a few other options. It regulates both temperature and water flow. Shower comfortably and economically. This faucet works in two steps: the controls on one side of the faucet allow you to adjust the water temperature, and the controls on the other side allow you to adjust the flow. But be careful, to equip the shower with a thermostat, you need to build a water tank into the case. Instantaneous water heaters cannot keep the water at a stable temperature and are therefore not suitable for this type of use.

Thermostatic faucet, convenient.

The thermostatic faucet is of course one of the greatest comfort features. No need to waste time setting the right temperature. For example, just turn the knob to 38 ° C for warm water that is ideally heated for a comfortable shower!

The thermostatic faucet ensures safety.

Warm and cold water flow separately. Hot water comes from the left and cold water comes from the right. Set the correct temperature by turning both heads. Thermostatic valves are also great for safety. The security level of the faucet can vary depending on the manufacturer and model. Everything is explained in detail in the description of the faucet.

The thermostatic shower faucet saves costs.

The economic advantage cannot be overlooked. With the thermostatic faucet, you don't need 5 minutes to set the temperature, it can be done immediately.

Some manufacturers offer faucets with stops on the handles to control water pressure. If you want a higher pressure, you have to stop by force, otherwise, a comfortable pressure is preset. This way, you can occasionally save up to 50% of the shower water!

Most often, most shower faucets on the market are ready to use the amount of water in the house. Therefore, no work is required. Therefore, all you have to do is remove the faucet from the old shower and connect the new shower to pipes that provide hot and cold water.

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