Anyone who wants to buy a new faucet is spoiled for choice: cheap faucet or a more expensive quality product? Many are dazzled by the low prices but are quickly disappointed with their new faucet. But why is that and what are the real advantages of branded products? Kull Design enlightens!
Cheap taps are often made of plastic. The workmanship often leaves a lot to be desired and many models already feel cheap when unpacked. Sharp edges or flawed surfaces are just the tips of the iceberg. Some faucets make a good impression at first glance, but after installation, they only work sluggishly. Also annoying: is if the paint flakes off after a short time.

Heavy metals in drinking water.

But there are not only visible defects: Metal leaching can occur, especially with cheap imported goods. During production, existing standards and limit values ​​are often not observed and even materials that are hazardous to health are used. The products are designed for a quick profit, which means that you and your family can be unnecessarily exposed to harmful substances. So you decide when you buy the later quality of your drinking water!
In the case of quality fittings, on the other hand, drinking water-safe materials are used and the models are tested in extensive tests so that they offer a high level of comfort. Surfaces and coating processes are continuously improved and ensure durability.

When water taps become a noise nuisance.

Another disadvantage of cheap products is noise protection: did you know that fittings are a common cause of noise pollution? Noise is generated wherever water flows in the house. In fittings, they are caused by the formation of vortices and deflections as well as pressure surges when opening and closing. Therefore, the use of low-noise models is important. But many inexpensive products, which are also available in hardware stores, for example, do not have a built-in silencer in order to save costs. And this silencer ensures a low noise level.
A seal was developed in accordance with DIN 4109 so that you know what noise behavior characterizes the respective fitting when you buy it. This surveillance mark is placed on the packaging of faucets, dividing them into two groups:
– Group I: The fitting noise level is below 20 dB(A).
– Group II: The fitting noise level is between 20 and 30 dB(A).
For comparison: 20 dB(A) is about as loud as a clock ticking, 30 dB(A) is as loud as a soft conversation. For many imported products, there is no information on noise classes at all, they have acoustic defects and are louder than permitted - on the other hand, the classes are always specified on the packaging of quality fittings.

No to the throwaway society.

Investing in branded products that are tailored to the needs of customers and designed to last is also worthwhile for the sake of the environment. Because cheap products break quickly and then end up in the garbage. And then a new faucet has to be made and new costs arise - cheap goods are therefore only supposedly cheap and it is worth buying quality products!

Cross Double Handle Gold Bathroom Faucet
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