At least once in your life, you've made the decision: "Shower, tub, or both?" Today, many things can be achieved in bathrooms - options and designs range from classic - traditional to Elegant - modern. The bathroom is also seen as an oasis of well-being in a house or apartment - like the bedroom, it is one of the most important rooms to unwind and recharge after a tiring day.

At RBROHANT you will find numerous models to give your shower a unique look. Still, here are a few things you should keep in mind when preparing or renovating your bathroom:

Enough space

Many people dismiss the idea of ​​a new wet room because they don't think there's enough room in the bathroom. The actual space required isn't actually much - your old shower will definitely take up more space. Shower bases and compartments greatly limit the freedom of movement in the bathroom, while floor-mounted shower elements give you plenty of freedom. In principle, the entire bathroom can be turned into a shower (provided it is completely sealed) and can be optimized optically and functionally according to your ideas and wishes. In addition, the shower elements are ideal for bathrooms with unusual contours - these elements can also be cut into smaller corners, thus making the most of the possible bathroom space, which is not possible with shower trays and cubicles.


You should also consider how to design the surface of the shower element - tile or stone coverings such as granite or marble are most suitable. Tile is often the first choice for shower areas because they are naturally waterproof. While tiles require more maintenance, they also weigh less than any other type of tile. The selected tiles should also be non-slip, such as mosaics. Thanks to its sturdy structure, mosaic floors achieve the perfect non-slip floor in your bathroom. We recommend using the same design for walls and floors to create a unified modern look. Another consideration is the underfloor heating installed under the tiles and above the shower elements. Many tiles are heat-permeable, making them ideal for expanding the comfort zone in the bathroom.

Selection of proper seals and drains

Properly and safely sealing wet areas is essential so the shower can work for long periods of time without problems such as water leaks. At this point, it should be emphasized that the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the product, not for defective installation and sealing - as this is the responsibility of the entrusted installer, not the manufacturer. You can use your warranty if the material is damaged or the product is not designed correctly.

Also, pay attention to your bathroom furniture (e.g. towels, bathrobes, lamps) to avoid getting wet. Lights, in particular, should be waterproof and, like everything else, should be well protected and kept at a sufficient distance from splashing water. We are your right partner when it comes to modern bathroom products because that's our specialty. We will do our best to meet your wishes. We specialize in bathroom design and drainage solutions.

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