Advances in design and technology will not keep improving every time we deliver faucets of better quality and better efficiency. One of the most popular models today is the thermostatic shower faucet, thanks to its convenience. Do you know all of their advantages? We'll tell you! What is a thermostatic shower faucet? There are a variety of bathroom faucets on the market, but there is no doubt that no thermostatic shower faucet has any advantage. It's a two-control structure instead of the traditional handle we're used to.

With this innovative system, we can not only regulate the flow of water, that is, the amount of water obtained by artichokes, but also its temperature. The advantage is that we can fix an artichoke and the system ourselves. The fees are kept constant.

The operation of the thermostatic shower faucet is very easy. Internally, cold and hot water are mixed and conditioned to provide us with the water of our choice. Usually, the controls on the left are responsible for regulating the flow. So when we turn we mark the amount of water we want to get.

The controller on the right is for the temperature, it's a controller with a thermostat inside. In addition to this control, it also has a hard hat to prevent it from rising above 38 °, otherwise, we will burn on our own. If we need water to reach higher temperatures, we can definitely modify it.

Find out more about our available models and the features of each model in our Rbrohant faucet gallery. What are the advantages? We'll take a closer look at it then.

Advantages of thermostatic shower systems.

Save water.

Saving water is not just an important issue for billing quantities these days. The state of the planet forces us to avoid the unnecessary waste that can be achieved through the use of thermostatic shower faucets.

By combining a high-precision flow regulator, we can control the amount of water in the jet. With this system, 40% to 50% of water can be saved. Differences are found at the end of the month. Since we can set the temperature from the start, we don't waste water waiting to get hot.

We avoid burns.

One of the main benefits of choosing a temperature in combination with a safety stop is to reduce the risk of burns. Temperatures above 38 ° C are too high for our skin, especially for more sensitive people such as children and the elderly.

On the other hand, thermostatic shower faucets are ready to automatically cut off the flow of hot water when cold water is cut off. We found this when we turned on the faucet in the shower. Again, it is a control system that avoids possible burns.

More convenient.

Another advantage of the thermostatic shower faucet is that you can enjoy a constant temperature. Typically, when we close the faucet with soap, we have to reset the faucet when we open the faucet again, and then wait for it to go up on the faucet we want. However, with a thermostatic system, the temperature is constant every time the faucet is turned on or off.

Great durability.

Thermostatic shower faucets are made from the best materials, so their lifespan increases over time. In addition to this function, they are waterproof. That is, they prevent lime from entering into it, which is the main cause of the deterioration of the faucet. Therefore, the maintenance of the faucet is very easy.

Modern elegant design.

In addition to the operational advantages, the thermostatic shower faucet also offers the most advanced design. Modern and new, yet elegant. In short, one solution ensures both our maximum comfort and the perfect integration of aesthetics into our bathroom.

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