5 Useful Tips for Choosing LED Bathroom Mirrors

Have you considered upgrading your home with LED bathroom mirrors? Whenever it becomes necessary to add a mirror or re-direct lighting, it makes sense to consider this option. LED bathroom mirrors have many advantages. The combination of mirrors and lighting is also an attractive option for room design in other areas.

Mirror and light are one. When we look at ourselves in a mirror, the mirror reflects incoming light. They double the spatial impression and light in the room. Put a candle in front of the mirror to double the light.

Mirrors need light, without which they are meaningless. Because the mirror and the lamp form an aesthetic and functional unit, the idea of ​​combining the two in one product was obvious. LED bathroom mirrors, normally lit mirrors or illuminated mirror cabinets are easy-to-use and effective interior design tools.
LED Bathroom Mirror with Lights

What are the advantages of LED bathroom mirrors?

Every bathroom needs (at least one) mirror and, of course, lighting. Light and mirror combined into one. Lighting is permanently attached to the bathroom mirror. This saves space and installation effort, as a separate ceiling light is usually no longer necessary. This is an advantage that should not be underestimated, especially in small bathrooms.

Optimal, shadow-free facial lighting protects you from accidental injuries while applying makeup and shaving. LED technology even makes it possible to integrate lights directly into the mirror. Whether rectangular or round - high-quality LED bathroom mirrors offer numerous attractive design options for the bathroom. Our light mirrors shine with many types of lights. With additional indirect lighting, they provide a pleasant ambient light.
LED Bathroom Mirror

Which lighted bathroom mirror is right for me? Use the tips below to find the product you want.

1. The size of the mirror

In general, large mirrors are comfortable to use. It doesn't require gymnastic moves to get a complete picture of the face and hairstyle. People of different heights can see their best selves in it. Large mirrors add sophistication to the bathroom design. They are decorative pieces that will make your bathroom stylish.

Consider the largest mirror size that is reasonable and possible in your bathroom. If there is little wall space available, it is usually best to use a rectangular mirror.

You can emphasize the charm of a sloping room with an original floor plan by installing two or more illuminated mirrors. For example, you can use difficult-to-design alcoves as additional make-up or hairdressing corners.

A uniform size or uniform rectangular format has a balanced and harmonious effect. Several circular light mirrors emphasize different areas of the room. A square mirror above the washbasin and a round mirror in the corner creates the same effect.
Square LED Bathroom Mirror

2. The shape of the mirror

There are round and square illuminated bathroom mirrors. Which shape you choose is partly a matter of personal style and taste.

Keep in mind that you can often fit more mirrors in a small bathroom with a square mirror. Since the large mirror also visually enlarges the room, you can achieve a more spacious effect.

The classic rectangular lighted mirror fits in every bathroom design. Every vanity needs a mirror above it. The size of the mirror is based on the size of the washbasin, which can achieve a harmonious and calm overall effect. Two illuminated longitudinal bathroom mirrors look elegant and distinctive over the double washbasin.

With a round LED bathroom mirror, you can add a luxurious personality to your bathroom. The round shape sets a confident point of contrast in an otherwise conservative and linear bathroom design. A round bathroom mirror complements floral accessories and pastel colors for a romantic ambiance.
Vanity Mirror for Bathroom

3. Consider the following when placing mirrors:

How does its interaction with other bathroom items affect the aesthetics of the bathroom?
Who uses the bathroom?
How does lighting work?

4. What should bathroom mirrors have to do with lighting?

Selectable color temperature?
High-quality, modern LED lights are energy efficient, durable and have a good light spectrum. If you need bright light for shaving and styling in the morning, but prefer soft light in the evening, choose dimmable lighting.

Lighted bathroom mirror, the light quality changes with the light, bright and blue in the morning, soft and warm like candlelight in the evening. Cool color temperature in the morning to wake you up. Warm lighting at night helps to relax. These light changes support biological rhythms in humans. They have positive effects on sleep, recovery, health and performance. Our LED bathroom mirrors come with different light sources. You can choose light mirrors that combine different types of lighting.

5. A little extravagance - extra added value

Mirror heating prevents fogging. Would you like to concentrate on enjoying your sanctuary of health? If you treat yourself to a light mirror with a sound module, you can listen to your favorite music in the bathroom.

Illuminated mirrors not only enhance the design of the bathroom. Especially the entrance area of ​​the apartment is often poorly lit. This often cramped space greatly benefits from the optical and aesthetic properties of light mirrors. The more spacious space effect, coupled with the best lighting, endows this area with a new quality of living. Plus, you can quickly check how you look when you're out and about.
LED Mirror for Bathroom

We are known for the quality and superior design of our LED bathroom mirrors. Do you have any questions about illuminated bathroom mirrors? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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